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While we specialize in mounting media articles, we are happy to preserve any piece of your professional or personal history.

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Introducing New "Crystaline" Acrylic Plaques

Crystaline is our latest line of custom made acrylic plaques and they are now available with a Black background. Each Crystaline plaque is made from 1/4" thick cast acrylic with four aluminum anchors to securely attach it to mounting area.

The borders are similar to our other plaques but we have found that spacing between the two black borders gives your custom plaque the best look and feel possible.

Each acrylic plaque will have the options of any of the acrylic or wood based layouts along with a custom engraving plate with silver lettering on a black overlay.

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Chrystaline Internet

1/4” Black


1/8” Black
1/4” Gold
1/8” Black


1/8” Black
1/4” Sliver
1/8” Black

Mounting Hardware

Black Hardware


silver hardware1



How Ours Differ

Our Crystaline series is printed from exterior-grade materials which will stand through the tests of time. Each of our custom Crystaline plaques has your image applied directly to the back of the acrylic, the process is similar to the way a car has an imaged wrapped to the exterior.

This process eliminates any doubt of your picture or accomplishment moving around or withering away. Acrylic plaques of inferior quality don't attach the article on to the acrylic, instead they simply place a piece of paper between two pieces of plexiglass like a sandwich. 

This leaves the paper free standing in an enclosed bubble, where the paper is free to shift once the glue holding the paper wears out. In time the paper will yellow and wither in this less quality plexiglass plaque.

Other acrylic plaques, as time passes, leave your keepsake unprotected. The Crystaline series not only has UV protection but our plaque has a diamond polished edge instead of a flame polish which creates a more stable piece of acrylic. 

The Cyrstaline series offers an exceptional look to any accomplishment or photo for your home or workplace. These plaques truly are a new line of acrylic plaques for the modern era.

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Crystaline Plaques

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