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Ben Nyberg

The Basics...

Hey there folks, I'm Ben. I'm from York, Maine. I attended the University of New Hampshire to study electrical engineering and consequently became an electrician after graduation. I worked as an electrician for many years but wanted to try something different. That's when I found In The News, Inc. in 2005. I worked for a little while longer than a year before I left to move home and be closer with family. In 2012, the company was kind enough to rehire me. It said a lot to me about the company at that time. Today, I research in a lot of technical and construction magazines. Although I don't restrict myself, I personally enjoy working with automotive experts like 281 Motorsports, personal trainers and body builders, and other athletes on the northern part of the east coast. 

Why do you love In The News, Inc.? 

"The people of In The News, Inc. will stop at no cost to make a client 100% happy. Whatever they say, goes! We market ourselves as a company that takes care of its customers so we handle every little problem with extreme care and professionalism. This is the reason we send all of our first-time customers their first plaque free on inspection with no obligation to buy. We want to make sure they are aware of the standards we hold ourselves to and the quality of the product that they will be buying.

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World News with Diane Sawyer | In The News, Inc.

In The News, Inc. was featured on's "World News with Diane Sawyer" as part of Made In America, a series spotlighting American companies making products in the U.S.! See our feature below, straight from the Made In America Map on

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