Daony "Danny" Nieves

The Basics...

Buenos dias, I'm Daony, but people call me Danny. I was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and lived there for a while before moving to the States in Cleavland, OH. My big brother was the first to come to Florida and he begged me for years to move down and finally I wised up and did...best decision of my life. Throughout the years I worked in sales at different businesses as a customer service rep, quality control manager, etc. I pursued the job at In The News, Inc. for six months without fail before Tom Billinge hired me in 2013. Ever since I got the job I have been working tirelessly to do a great job and impress. Within a year I had a few mentionable clients like Pheobe Cade Miles, Thomas William Clyborne, Lee Barker of Barker Musical Instruments, and Phllis Shelton and Bill Pomakoy. A reasonable portion of my time here is spent working with restauraunts, both chains and 'mom-and-pop's'. My clients range all over North America but I'm one of only two sales reps here who do business with companies in Puerto Rico. I love that part of my job because it makes me feel like I'm giving back to my home.

Why do you love In The News, Inc.? 

"In The News, Inc. is pretty much a dream job. Like I said I chased it for at least six months. The reason being was I saw so many veteran sales personel working here who had been here for 10, 15, even 20 years. And I thought immediately, 'this place must be doing something right' because NOBODY stays in one place in sales for that long unless it's an excelent market and work environment. And that's exactly what I found to be the case. Every thing is done right here. We have a superb product and just as stellar customer service. I personally respond to complaints and do my best to solve any issues my clients might have before transferring them over to our full-time customer servcie team. From end-to-end it is a company that impresses both me, and our customers. 

A little more about me...

I come from a pretty large family of six kids, I being the youngest of all six. We were raised to appreciate everything and as a result we all live very happy lives. I'm a single father and my son Deryan is my life. In my spare time I like to write down my thoughts - in poetry or plain text - and read books. 

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