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Meet Eric Lee | In The News, Inc.

Eric Lee | In The News, Inc.

Senior Account Executive

1-800-548-3993 Ext. 3077 


Background and Experience

Eric Lee has been with In The News for almost 10 years. He works with a large amount of custom car and street racing magazines, with a few executive business publications, and a small variety on top of that. He's worked with such companies as Turner Motorsport, 034 Motorsport, NextLogic Technologies, and Towbin Motors.

In his words...

"This job has proven to me that everyone is reachable - your senators, people in the government, sports figures, musicians. In The News has put me in contact with so many different fields of expertise, just by default. I have insight into all kinds of different industries, if not directly, then through my coworkers and clients."

You might be interested to know that...

Yes, Eric has heard the Bruce Lee joke 1000 times.


Eric Lee works to research a variety of publications, including the following:

Truckin' | In The News, Inc. Honda Tuning | In The News, Inc. Eurotuner | In The News, Inc.  Street Trucks | In The News, Inc. Fastest Street Car | In The News, Inc. Race Pages Magazine | In The News, Inc.
 RPM Magazine | In The News, Inc.  Excellence | In The News, Inc.  Bloomberg Markets | In The News, Inc.  On Wall Street | In The News, Inc. The Miami Herald | In The News, Inc. The Virginian-Pilot | In The News, Inc.


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Curious what our custom wall plaques look like? Would you like to see more preserved articles? Below are a few examples of some of the beautiful wall plaques that we have customized for actual clients who have been featured in an article or publication. Please click on a thumbnail to take a closer look!

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