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Meet Gail Walton | In The News, Inc.

Gail Walton | In The News, Inc.     

Senior Account Executive

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Background and Experience

Gail Walton has spent well over 20 years working at In The News, Inc. While she works with all kinds of publications, she specializes in several very different genres: salon, educational institutions of all levels, interior design, and offshore boat racing teams. Gail spent 10 years as the top salesman and has worked with such companies as Huddle House, Rita Hazan Salon, MTI, Eliminator Boats, and American Enterprise Bank.

Gail is familiar with more magazines in the U.S. than anyone she knows. She has an extensive knowledge of publications of different local regions. Gail can also help you take your print media and turn it into a whole PR campaign - very useful.

In her words...

"I love what I do - I talk to some of the most intelligent, creative, determined people in the U.S. It's amazing. I've talked to people that are now in the Fortune 500! But some of the most fun people I talk to are the hairdressers. They have great stories!"

You might be interested to know that... 

Over the years at In The News, Gail has given more advice to people with colds in the U.S. than you could begin to guess. "You get a big bowl of chili, add lots of chili powder, it'll help break up your cold. And if it doesn't, at least you'll have a full stomach!"


Gail Walton works to research a variety of publications, including the following:

Modern Salon | In The News, Inc. VOGUE | In The News, Inc. Allure | In The News, Inc. Powerboat | In The News, Inc. 
 Newsweek | In The News, Inc.  U.S. News and World Report | In The News, Inc.  Better Homes and Gardens | In The News, Inc.  


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In The News, Inc. as featured on: 

World News with Diane Sawyer | In The News, Inc.

In The News, Inc. was featured on's "World News with Diane Sawyer" as part of Made In America, a series spotlighting American companies making products in the U.S.! See our feature below, straight from the Made In America Map on

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