Hal Ramsey

Hey my name is Hal. I grew up in Seattle, Washington and it is the only place I like as much as Florida. I've been at In The News since August of 1996 when I saw an add for the company and proceeded to talk to a couple of friends of mine that worked here already. They put in the good word for me and it was history. I really love this place because of the light work atmosphere. It keeps me relaxed and keeps the pressure to a minimum which helps me be myself on sales calls and not have to force anything. 

Why do I love In The News, Inc.?

"Again, the atmosphere is great. I have a lot of friends here and we all know how to make working enjoyable. I'm always learning new things about people, companies and current events all over the nation. Everyone I work with have incredible stories and are an inspiration to those around them. Also, not to sound materialistic, but the pay is pretty solid which definitely plays a part in getting me up in the morning when I'm feeling lazy."

A little more about me...

If I weren't working at In The News, Inc. I would be relaxing at home playing video games. I'm a teenager at heart. Speaking of teenagers I have one of my own. I have a 14 year old genius son and a lovely wife whom I love very much. Our family also includes a Boston Terrier named Lola. We are all football fans and root for my hometown team the Seattle Seahawks and the local team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I wouldn't want to change my life at all.