Jeff Bayne

The Basics...

Hi, Jeff here.  I was born in Maryland and moved to Tampa, FL as a teen.  One passion has always driven my career choices, and that is a drive to provide a quality unique product combined with superior customer service.  Over the years, I have managed delis, restaurants and small department stores, as well as being a customer service supervisor in a call center.  I came to In The News, Inc. in 2013 and have enjoyed it ever since. I love servicing others and providing a moment they will remember. I have met a lot of interesting people in the short time I have been with the company, from top CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, to the woman who survived a heart transplant, to the proud parent of a gifted athlete. 

Why do you love In The News, Inc.? 

"I love making people happy and the service we provide here does that over and over again. Our service is to first remind and congratulate the customer on being featured in the newspaper or magazine.  That is an honor many people never get the joy of experiencing.  Secondly, our product is a joyful reminder of their accomplishments or good deeds.  And thirdly, our customer service is above top-notch quality which makes the process easy, friendly and admirable every step of the way."

A little more about me...

I have been happily married for 27 years now and I would like to thank my wife for supporting me through all my life adventures. I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and will continue on toward my Master’s as I believe no one ever stops learning.   I am an active member at my local church, and I am an emcee and speaker at church and social events in my community.

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