Kurt Koloszar

The Basics…


Hi there, I'm Kurt. I was born in Indiana and relocated to Florida at a very young age.  I received an Associate Degree in Applied Health from Hillsborough Community College. I have been employed at In The News, Inc.  since 2008. I genuinely enjoy the experience of a corporate culture that a small, family owned business provides.  In my day to day operations I deal primarily with other small business owners.  It is always nice to read the success stories but feels fantastic when, in a minor way, you can be a part of that story by providing a memorialized display.  A few big wigs that I've been involved with are Paul Rabil, and Dan Aykroyd.


Why do I love In The News, Inc.?

"We are backed by the security of a more-than-stellar product. We take great pride in our approach to create something that you will want to keep for the rest of your life. We are so confident and sure of our craftsmanship that we allow a 10-day trial period to physically review your plaque in person to ensure your satisfaction." 

In The News, Inc. as featured on:

World News with Diane Sawyer | In The News, Inc.

In The News, Inc. was featured on ABCnews.com's "World News with Diane Sawyer" as part of Made In America, a series spotlighting American companies making products in the U.S.! See our feature below, straight from the Made In America Map on ABCNews.com.