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Meet Kurt Koloszar | In The News, Inc.

Kurt Koloszar | In The News, Inc.

Account Executive

1-800-548-3993 Ext. 3023

Background and Experience

Kurt Koloszar started at In The News, Inc in 2008, and has been working at the company for 3 years. Kurt works to research a large variety of publications.

In his words...

"I love my job! Everyday brings a new experience. I help business and individuals preserve published accomplishments for display." 


Kurt Koloszar works to research a variety of publications, including the following:

Lacrosse Magazine | In The News, Inc. Inside Lacrosse | In The News, Inc. Colorado Biz | In The News, Inc. ALIVE | In The News, Inc. Sauce Magazine | In The News, Inc.
 The Desert Sun | In The News, Inc. Atlanta Journal Institution | In The News, Inc.  Salisbury Post | In The News, Inc.   Brainerd Dispatch | In The News, Inc.  


Have a peek at a few sample, customized plaques:

Curious what our custom wall plaques look like? Would you like to see more preserved articles? Below are a few examples of some of the beautiful wall plaques that we have customized for actual clients who have been featured in an article or publication. Please click on a thumbnail to take a closer look!

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