Marc Controneo

The Basics...

Hey! My name is Marc Cotroneo. I am a Buffalonian who moved to Tampa in 1993 after most of my family had already relocated here from up north. I attended college at Buffalo State before I moved down and held a few different jobs. For a time, I was a cars salesman which helped prepare me for the work here at In The News when I was hired in 1993. Since then, I've spent a whole lot of time sifting through different sports magazines (golf, football, etc.) to find prideful articles that I believed needed to be preserved in timeless fashion. Some of my most reputable clients include the likes of Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning, Butch Harman the worlds number one golf coach, and Earl Woods the father of Tiger Woods. Getting to talk to these huge celebrities and do something for them that makes them happy is something that I really cherish.

Why do you love In The News, Inc.?

"I love what I do for almost the same reason as I just said. But what I didn't mention was the 'little guys.' The smaller companies, and even individuals, who do great things in their local community and show amazing perserverence are inspiring. Being able to create something that in time only grows in value has gives me a great sense of satisfaction. When they are happy, it makes me happy.

Also, I love the versatility of my client base. I may be offering the same product, but for each plaque there is an equally unique story behind it. It's not everywhere that you get the chance to embrace such a wide audience."

A little more about me...

I grew up playing soccer for Buffalo State and now I coach my sons youth soccer team at one of the best soccer complexes in the area. After work I love to go out and play ball whether it's basketball, tennis, or soccer. It is my escape from the every day grind and keeps me feeling happy and young.