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Meet Todd Knowlson | In The News, Inc.

Todd Knowlson | In The News, Inc.

Senior Account Executive

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Background and Experience

Todd Knowlson has been with In The News, Inc. for over 21 years. He has spent time as the director of sales and marketing, and has also handled publisher relations until he returned to sales, which is what he really enjoys. Todd primarily researches automotive magazines, and has first hand experience with customizing cars and racing. Additionally, he works with professional athletes and their agents in commemorating sporting achievements. Todd has managed accounts with such companies as PSR and Athletic Resource Management.

In his words...

"My favorite part about working at In The News is that I get to talk to customers about their cars all day. I'm a car guy, and I've built a couple of custom vehicles that have appeared in magazines, as well. It's a thrill to assist professionals in properly preserving articles for display."

You might be interested to know that...

You already know that Todd loves cars, so it wouldn't surprise you to hear he has owned a whole variety of custom vehicles. What you may not know is that Todd is also a six-time Iron Man Triathlon finisher.


Todd Knowlson works to research a variety of automotive publications, including the following:

Car Craft | In The News, Inc. Mopar Muscle Magazine | In The News, Inc. Import Tuner | In The News, Inc.  Super Street | In The News, Inc. Vette | In The News, Inc. Super Chevy | In The News, Inc.
 Chevy High Performance | In The News, Inc.  Modified | In The News, Inc. Mudlife | In The News, Inc.  Rod & Custom | In The News, Inc.   European Car | In The News, Inc.  

Have a peek at a few sample, customized plaques:

Curious what our custom wall plaques look like? Would you like to see more preserved articles? Below are a few examples of some of the beautiful wall plaques that we have customized for actual clients who have been featured in an article or publication. Please click on a thumbnail to take a closer look!

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