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Congratulations Janine - Sales Person of the Month for August

Janine Crouch In The News

What makes a great sales person?   Killer Instinct?  Someone who goes for the “hard sell”?  What about instead of all those negative adjectives we tell you about someone who is just sincerely interested in you and will make you smile every time you see her name on the caller id?

Custom Engraved Wall Plaques!

In The News

Were you recently featured in a newspaper, magazine or business journal? How about not so recently? If you answered yes to either of these questions I would like to first congratulate you on your incredible success!

5 Advantages of Being In The News!

Download How To Get Featured In The News ebook

Business owners are some of the most innovative, driven people on this planet. As Forbes magazine indicated, small businesses are the foundation of this country and help power the economy. Their effort is endless. But more often than not their efforts go relatively unnoticed. Sure, their family and friends may leave a compliment here and there, and hopefully they turn a profit regularly, but rarely are there concrete commendations.

1,800 Calls Earns Becky Leone Employee of the Month (Again!)

In The News

What do you know about In The News?

Make your office decor POP! With Plaques!

IMG 20140630 095810

Whether your business is conservative or cutting edge we all need that special something when visitors come in to show them just who and what your business is about.  But what does that really mean?  We have been helping customers create just that kind of WOW factor for 27 years.  Below are top tips for getting that POP and WOW!

In The News Wishes You a Wonderful 4th of July!

We hope you have a great Independence Day!

Happy July 4 to Everyone!


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Commemorate More than Just Your Featured Articles with a Plaque

Brainstorm any kind of plaque ideas you want, we'll let you know if we can make it happen!

Here at In The News, we often talk about the benefits of getting a custom wall plaque of a featured article in a newspaper or magazine. However, we can create plaques of more than just your major news articles.

A Lifetime of Memories Preserved in Plaques: Lary Knowlton

For the VP of a top oil company, Lary is a very personable, down-to-earth kind of guy.

For people who are heavily involved in the Texas oil industry, big game hunting or are just an avid reader of publications such as The Wall Street Journal, the name of Lary D. Knowlton might be familiar. Vice President to one of Texas’ fastest-growing oil producers, Lary has been featured in numerous trade and economic publications, many of which he has commemorated with custom-crafted plaques.

Add a Professional Touch to Your Office with a Custom Engraving

The 12 X 15 engravings feature a beautiful marbled frame.

There’s more than one way to commemorate your personal and professional milestones! Here at In The News, we’re typically known for helping customer immortalize their accomplishments with a featured article plaque. However, we do more than simply mount articles.

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