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A Plaque to Remember the Navy Yard Tragedy

The Washington Nationals unveiled this plaque in a ceremony attended by the families of the victims who died in the Navy Yard shooting spree.

On September 16, 2013, a former navy reservist named Aaron Alexis used his status as a military subcontractor to gain access to the Washington Navy Yard, where he began a shooting rampage that ended with the deaths of 12 people, and his own death as well. The attack was sudden and wholly unexpected, and while theories about Alexis’ motives behind attacking the facility have been proposed, the truth of the matter remains unclear.

A Custom Plaque for the Face of MLB: David Wright

Say hello to the face of Major League Baseball for 2014, and the plaque that proves it.

For fans of the New York Mets, David Wright is a familiar, even beloved, part of the team. David has long been a high profile player in the world of Major League Baseball, having made his MLB debut in 2004 with a batting average of .293 that year. As recently as the 2013 World Baseball Classic, David earned the nickname “Captain America” for his performance on Team USA that year.

Get a Custom Plaque of Your Diesel Power Magazine Article Today!

Diesel Power is the premier magazine for diesel motorsports enthusiasts all over America.

Diesel Power Magazine
is the world’s largest magazine dedicated to fans of diesel motor sports in existence. This magazine, which began in 2005, was so popular that it quickly went from being a seasonal publication to becoming a monthly one.

In many cases, when a magazine moves from being published only once every three months to being sent out every month, content, quality, and the like tend to suffer. Not so with this powerhouse publication. Instead of each issue shrinking, the magazine prints hundreds of pages that deliver rich, meaty custom diesel content to thousands of readers every month.

Custom Wall Plaques for Custom Motorcycles: Erik Contreras

Erik Contreras, as his family often sees him.

For years, auto enthusiasts in the great state of Texas have known that when they want a perfect paint job for their vehicle, Erik Contreras is the man for the job. This sublime master of the airbrush has been a popular motor vehicle artist for years.

Iowa’s Preserving History with QR-Code Enabled Plaques

QR codes are the future of plaques.

Soon, the residents of Greene County and Jefferson County, Iowa will be able to enjoy some new additions to their historical sites: a series of bronze plaques dedicated to notable persons, events, and locations throughout the state’s history.

Remembering Two Brave Firefighters with a Plaque

The names of two of Philadelphia's bravest will be forever engraved on this memorial plaque that was commissioned by the city of Philadelphia.

On April 9, 2012, Philadelphia Firefighters Daniel Sweeney and Lt. Robert Neary of Engine 7, Ladder 10 lost their lives while fighting an out of control blaze in a warehouse in Kensington. During the fire, a wall collapsed, killing the two men and injuring others.

Commemorate Big Events with Custom Artwork from In The News!

Mini Truckin' was a great magazine that delighted fans for many years. With this commemorative custom mosaic, they can share their fond memories with friends and family for years to come.

In The News is dedicated to helping both individuals and businesses celebrate their accomplishments as recorded in the pages of their favorite publications, whether it’s a newspaper, magazine, or even an online article. Through our featured article plaques, people are able to preserve the stories of their greatest achievements so that they can be shared with others for decades to come.

Plaques that Celebrate the Spirit of Charity: Britnie Turner

The members of Aerial Development Group in front of a recently-finished project.

Aerial Development Group is, according to their business description and website, a development company that is dedicated to the full-circle revitalization of Nashville’s urban neighborhoods. However, given the sheer amount of charitable work that they do for both the residents of Nashville and for needy children in Africa, you might think that they were a charity organization instead.

The business’ operating principle is fairly simple, and may be familiar to anyone who has seen shows such as Flipping Out: buy a run-down home, remodel it, and then sell that property for a profit. ADG’s current office was once a burned-out shack that they purchased and remade into their headquarters.

A Plaque for Ralph Ronzello and His Period Correct Catalina

Ralph, behind the wheel of one of his beloved classic cars.

Who is Ralph Ronzello? Ralph Ronzello is a District Manager for the Harris Teeter chain of food and pharmacy stores in North Carolina. It is a job he does well, and it allows him to support his family. But, there’s more to Ralph than the mild-mannered job title of District Manager might first suggest to a stranger.

To those who know him, Ralph Ronzello is also known as something of a classic car fanatic. For years now, Ralph has been a major part of the classic race car scene. For him, the restoration of classic racing vehicles is not just a mere hobby, it is a passion that drives him to make the perfect racing car to relive the memories of his favorite cars from when he was a child.

Perpetual Plaques are the Perfect Motivator

Perpetual Plaques are a great way to motivate your employees and improve morale.

Here at In The News, we specialize in the preservation of magazine and newspaper articles in plaque form. Featured article plaques are a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of the company as a whole, or the achievements of a single individual. However, featured article plaques aren’t the only kind of plaques we make (even though they’re still our favorites).

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