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Using a Plaque to Show how the Severed Ties are Bound

The Severed Ties club gathers for a photo after giving their friend a plaque to celebrate his return.

Friendship is something that makes life worth living. Whether that friendship is built on mutual interests or a chance encounter that grows into a lifelong bond of respect and trust, a true friend is something to cherish. Our service here at In The News has helped to make many friendships grow stronger, including the one between Billy Chiasson and Chris Stafford of Louisiana, who have commemorated their friendship with a plaque.

Plaques for Public Service: Mayor Danny Jones

Taking a stand for public transportation.

Odds are that if you live in West Virginia, you’re already familiar with Danny Jones, the mayor of Charleston, WV. However, this man is more than just another politician. Throughout his life, Mr. Jones has been many things, bartender, Marine, sheriff, among others, but he has always been a proponent of doing what’s right by the community at large.

Celebrate Your Favorite Super Bowl Team with a Plaque Today!

For football fans, the big game is the biggest event of the year.

Sunday, February 2nd marks the biggest football event of the year, the 48th NFL Championship game, otherwise known as the Super Bowl to millions of American fans. The popularity of the big game is undeniable, as the 45th game holds the record for the most-watched American TV broadcast in history. In fact, it’s probably a good thing that the game falls on a Sunday, otherwise there’d be a LOT more people calling in sick to work.

Turning an Article Series into a Plaque Wall: Low Range 4x4

Commemorative plaques are a great way to preserve your favorite memories.

Low Range 4x4 is a company that specializes in restoring and customizing 4x4 vehicles such as jeeps, trucks, and just about any other 4x4 vehicle that you can think of.

Celebrate Gasparilla This Saturday with In The News!

Gasparilla is almost here!

It’s that time of the year once more as buccaneers and pirate fans across the country descend upon the Tampa Bay area for the annual Gasparilla “invasion” and parade. On January 25 (this Saturday), the party will kick into high gear as ships manned by special pirate “krewes” sail across the bay and invade Tampa.

Celebrate Your Favorite BCS Team with a Plaque Today

College sports is always exciting, but the BCS is an especially electrified event.

As most college football fans know, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is a series of five games that is designed to make sure that the top two college football teams in the country get a chance to face off against each other in a national championship game. Aside from the top two teams, eight other high-ranked teams get a chance to compete with one another in four other bowl games.

Acrylic Plaques for the Nail Pro: Bryan Vu

Bryan's very focused on these acrylic nails, so it's only fitting that he ordered acrylic plaques.

Bryan Vu is a talented young man who has to wear many hats: nail tech, salon owner, and even educator. Even though Mr. Vu is a very young man, he has already become a prominent and successful figure in the field of beauty care.

In The News Presents the History of Gasparilla

Tampa likes to party with pirates!

For over a hundred years, fun-loving folks living here in the beautiful Tampa Bay area have gathered together each year for a unique and interesting festival featuring an unusual theme: pirates.

Get Your Paul Mitchell Plaque Today!

Show everyone your passion for fashionable hairstyles with a Paul Mitchell Plaque

Few names in beauty care and cosmetics are quite as well-known as the name Paul Mitchell. The legendary hairstylist Paul Mitchell is a household name these days, offering over 100 beauty products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair styling tools, and hair color products.

Taking Care of Your Commemorative Plaque

Learn about how to care for your plaque now!

Hello and welcome to the In The News blog. Today, we here at In The News wanted to talk about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts: how to take care of your plaque so that it can continue to serve as a treasured keepsake for years to come.

After all, you worked hard to earn the recognition of a publication, whether it’s a news journal, business magazine, or even a sports association. They made an article about you and your accomplishments, and you took that recognition to the next level by immortalizing it in a plaque. Now that you have a beautiful wooden plaque of your favorite featured article, how will you take care of it?

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