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In The News Presents the Grand Opening Package

Get your business ready for the first day of business with a grand opening package.

One of the biggest challenges facing new businesses and recently opened new business locations is gaining traction with customers. How does a business let potential customers know that they are open and are ready to take customers, let alone gain prominence in the eyes of the public? One way that many businesses signal to the public that they are there and are ready to do business is by investing in special grand opening signage to hang up on the day that they are ready for business.

Getting Featured in the News: Get to Know Reporters

Getting a prominent new article for your business is an important strategy for promoting your business.

Getting your business featured in the news is an excellent way to draw attention to your company and drive traffic to your business. However, it isn’t always easy to get your company featured in a positive and meaningful way that attracts business. To help you out, In The News has assembled a guide to help businesses seeking media attention to get the kind of positive attention they need to build their brand’s reputation.

Saving the Environment and Celebrating with a Plaque: Toby Roosevelt

Toby Roosevelt is working to extract more oil from fields in a way that is more environmentally friendly.

Here at In The News, we like to feature the profiles of those clients whose accomplishments delight, surprise, shock, or leave us awestruck at their sheer magnitude. Toby Roosevelt (the grandson of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt), is one of those people who has managed to achieve something that brings delight, surprise, and awe in equal measure.

Paul Rabil: In The News for Athletics and a Cause

Image taken from paulrabil99.com

A high quality and attractive plaque is often made to commemorate someone’s successes, growth or personal achievements.  In some cases, however, plaques are created to commemorate all three of these reasons; such is the case for 28 year old professional lacrosse offensive player Paul Rabil, nicknamed “Fast Shot.”

How an Acrylic Plaque is Made

describe the image

Plaques are a great way to preserve memories forever. From photographs to awards and newspaper articles, almost anything can be preserved into a plaque. While most plaques can be made by using a wooden base sealed with heat, we also have another option that is just as stylish and professional: acrylic plaques. Acrylic plaques bring a new kind of aesthetic dimension to your wall or workspace, and they can add depth to logos. You can order your own acrylic plaque today that displays the logo of your company or any other design. But how is acrylic made? What exactly can an acrylic plaque be used for?

The Making of an Acrylic Plaque

Our acrylic plaques are produced through a delicate process of image application, which flawlessly and vibrantly displays your images and text with no toll on picture quality or legibility. Contrary to traditional glass mounting and plexiglass plaques, our acrylic mounting process delivers superior stability and quality, eliminating blemishes and withering that develop over time.

Assembling a Plaque for the Assemblyman: Phil Goldfeder

Phil Goldfeder hard at work, helping to establish policies that will improve the lot of his community.

If you live in or near the 23rd District of Rockaway, New York, odds are that you are already familiar with New York State Assemblyman Phillip Goldfeder. An outspoken advocate to the citizens of New York, Goldfeder is known for putting the needs of others first.

Reverend Richard Flippin is In The News!

Rev. Richard Flippin 2

What is so great about a plaque? Everything. Not only can a plaque hang anywhere, it can also hold a lot of meaning. And when that meaning is something you hold dear, that plaque symbolizes your own success. 

New Black Acrylic Plaques

The new black vinyl acrylic plaques are a sleek addition to the Crystaline plaque options.

In The News Inc. is releasing an all-new style option for our popular ‘Crystaline’ acrylic plaque line! Our plaques now have the option of coming with a full black vinyl background, adding additional style choices for displaying and commemorating your proudest achievements, cherished memories, and favorite moments.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Bound For Success At 8, In The News at 38!


Some say people are “born with success,” but when it comes to entrepreneur and husband Gary Vaynerchuk, success has been something he has worked tirelessly to achieve for his entire life. At the tender young age of eight, when others were still learning how to properly squeeze lemons, Gary was managing over a half-dozen lemonade stands in Edison, NJ. The young man’s enthusiasm for business is something that he never lost, and his knack for finding a path to success has seen Vaynerchuk be immortalized in some of the most renowned publications in the world, including The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, and- naturally- Success Magazine.  But how did this Russian immigrant, who came to America with nearly nothing, achieve world-wide recognition and eventually join the millionaires club?

Magazine Article Framing Tips and Tricks From The Professionals

Plaque Care 1

Framing anything is a tough call at the best of times. What kind of frame should you use? How can you use the frame to keep it preserved? Is it even a good idea to frame the article or should you store it in some form of safe storage for paper? Well, we’re here to provide a few answers for you and hopefully sort out some of the major questions about framing magazine articles and teach you the basics of how to preserve and frame articles written on magazine stock.

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