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Immortalize Your Athletes With a Personalized Plaque

The Greeks used statues to immortalize their greatest athletes, how will you preserve the memory of your favorite athlete?

What do ancient Greek athletes such as Milon of Croton, Leonidas of Rhodes, and Melankomas of Caria have in common with modern athletes such as Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Carl Lewis?

Plaques for a Proud Mother: Karen Johnson-Crowther

This proud mother celebrates her son's success with an entire wall of plaques

Who is Karen Johnson-Crowther? She is the Principal and Director of Retail Services for Colliers International in Fort Myers, Florida. This dedicated professional has been in the real estate business for over 20 years, surviving the worst that the economic slump could throw at her and helping guide banks through the process of managing repossessed shopping centers and similar transactions.

A Success Story Preserved With a Plaque: Carlos Capdevila

They have a plaque for their achievements, do you?

If you heard Carlos Capdevila's story out of context, you might be forgiven for thinking that it was the plot to a major Hollywood drama. In his life, Mr. Capdevila has overcome enormous adversity in order to become that special, one-in-a-million success that defines the American dream.

Born in Tucuman, Argentina, Capdevila's primary interests as a young man revolved around his place as a drummer in a popular Argentinean rock band. For eleven years, 1974-85, Capdevila toured with this band (and as recently as 2009, he played live shows with the Sean Costanza Band).

Plaques for Making a Difference: Dr. Mark P. Seraly, MD

Dr. Seraly

Dr. Mark P. Seraly, MD, is a Dermatologist who has both a board certification and over two decades of experience. Born in Brunswick, Maine, and raised as part of a Navy family, Seraly often credits his father's influence, and his grandfather's OCD tendencies, for his success in life. He began his medical career as a graduate of the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and completed his residency as a dermatologist at the University of Pittsburgh.

Promote Your Research: Plaque Your Article

You're a respected author of a published research article, and you feel like the king of the world, now what?

After a long period of intense research, of establishing data, then double and triple checking it, and then compiling and interpreting it, you have finished your research thesis. Even better, your research was so significant, ground-breaking, and original that it has received attention from several scientific and respectable news magazines. You even have a shiny new plaque of the article for your office as a trophy.

Reining in the Plaques: Tim McQuay

Plaque your favorite publication photo of yourself!

Who is Tim McQuay? Ask any die-hard fan of the sport of Horse Reining and you will probably hear a very long list of this indomitable rider's achievements, including but not limited to:

  • The first-ever $2 million rider in NRHA history

Custom Plaques for a Custom Crafting Virtuoso: John Shope

John Shope

John Shope is the founder, owner, and operator of Dirty Bird Concepts (formerly Sinister Industries), a premier custom motorcycle building business that operates from Scottsdale, Arizona. What makes Shope special, however, is his knowledge and skill regarding the customization of baggers.

Why Use Personalized Plaques For Your Articles?

Give customers something to look at!

Everyone likes to keep their office decorated in their own particular way, whether it's a plain office free of distractions or one filled with mementos that bring back pleasant memories and make it more like a home. From pictures of your family and golf trophies to a nice desk, it’s the little touches that make an office into your space. But, is your office missing something that could really improve how it looks and feels while also promoting your achievements?

Generating Jobs and Celebrating With a Plaque: Matt Tyler

Matt Tyler, CEO of Vickers Engineering

Matt Tyler is the president and CEO of Vickers Engineering, a precision machining and fabrication contract manufacturer. As mentioned in an article by the South Bend Tribune, Tyler partnered with an old high school friend named Scott Gourlay, and in 1999 "the two gradually began buying the company." Since Tyler bought out the company, it has grown from having $4 million per year in sales to, according to autonews.com, having a projected profit of $30 million for the 2013 fiscal year. Tyler expects his sales to continue to grow in the coming years, saying that they should "top $50 million in 2015."

A Sugar-Sweet Acrylic Plaque for Loranzo Whitfield

A day at the bakery

Loranzo Whitfield operates the Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe alongside his wife, Carolyn Whitfield. Although the couple’s business venture is still quite young, having only been opened in 2012, they have already managed to make quite a splash with the Hampton community with their promise of cupcakes baked fresh everyday and from scratch: no premade mixes, artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring, just good old-fashioned fresh-baked cupcakes made from the finest natural ingredients.

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