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Muirfield at Waverly Heights Plaque For Special Achievement

Americas best nursing homes

For the fifth consecutive year, Muirfield at Waverly Heights received an overall rating of five stars in U.S. News & World Report’s fifth annual Best Nursing Homes. When reporting on nursing homes, U.S. News aims help readers find a home with a strong track record of good care. U.S. News & World Reports provides readers information to improve their quality of life, focusing on issues such as health care, education, travel, vehicles, among other topics. The “Best” series, which Muirfield was proudly featured in, includes rankings of hospitals, colleges, high schools, mutual funds, nursing homes, and more.

Making a Trophy Out of Sports News: Alexis Fraher and Sarah Ciresi

Bethpage Gymnastics Alexis

The world of High School and Collegiate athletics can be a high pressure environment for any aspiring young athlete, but for young girls seeking to become top-ranked gymnasts, the challenges are extraordinarily tough. Even compared to other sports, gymnastics places incredible physical and mental demands upon participating athletes.

Legal Eagle to "30 Under 30" Kristi Mock's Featured Article Plaque

Kristi Tanner Mock

Having been recently honored by the REALTOR Magazine as one of their "30 under 30" honorees, Kristi Tanner Mock is one real estate agent that has established herself as a woman to watch.

EHS: 15x Angie's List Super Service Award Winner Custom Plaque

Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Services is a pest control company based in Norwood, Massachusetts that services the entirety of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As a pest control company, EHS serves:

Plaque Featuring Turning It Around: The Independence Public Library

Julie Hildebrand plaque

In 2009, the Independence Public Library (IPL) was slowly dying. Funding was down, attendance was down, and the library was faced with the very real risk of closure. It was during this time of crisis for the IPL that Julie Hildebrand was promoted to being the director of the small-town library.

A Plaque As Gift for Miss Texas: Bekah Roebuck and Kendall Morris

miss texas

Kendall Morris is the winner of the 2011 Miss Texas beauty pageant and was a top 10 contender for the Miss America 2012 pageant. A student of the Texas Christian University, Morris is a journalism major with a focus in broadcast journalism. As reported by the WaxahachieTX.com website, miss Morris hopes "to be a TV anchor or broadcast reporter" once she finishes her college degree.

Joey Votto: 2013 Face of MLB Immortalized With A Plaque

joey votto

Baseball has always been a true American pastime. Modernize it with the technological advances of social media and mix it with Major League Baseball, and you have a contest on Twitter for the Face of MLB. This year’s Face of MLB is Joseph Daniel “Joey” Votto of the Cincinnati Reds, who out-voted Joe Mauer, Jose Bautista, Derek Jeter, Andrew McCutchen, and Matt Kemp. He was “hashtagged” into first place and is this year’s face of Major League Baseball.

Fashion Shows, Shoes And Charity Immortalized By Plaques

nicki varona desiner shoes

Niki Varona is an entrepreneur who started her very own shoe company based on one concept: the marriage of fashionable couture with comfortable convenience so that women can have shoes that are as comfortable to wear as they are attractive to look at. A creative and energetic youth, Varona began her design career by, as she says on her website, "designing for family and friends." Her passion for design carried her into a career as a professional designer for women's shoes.

"Born to Rein: Shawn Flarida" Mounting Articles In Wall Plaques

Shawn Flarida 1

Not many men get to live their dream and be successful doing it. At a very young age, Shawn Flarida decided he wanted to work with horses for a living. As Mr. Flarida puts it on his own website, "all I wanted to do was train horses, for as long as I can remember." Before he was even in high school, the young Flarida had already managed to earn his first prize paycheck from the NRHA's (National Reining Horse Association) Limited Non Pro Division competition in Old Washington, Ohio.

Ivan and Andy's Prime Featured In A Restaurant Article Plaque


Ivan Geldzahler is the owner and operator of Ivan and Andy's Prime Restaurant & Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey. A native of the Jersey area, Geldzahler was the son of a kosher butcher. As a youth, Geldzahler would help his father by delivering orders of barbecue chicken to customers on the beach. Geldzahler relished the recognition and sense of community he felt from his customers when making his deliveries, something he talks about in an interview with the New Jersey Jewish News when he states "I wasn't making big bucks, but I was famous because I was the chicken boy… When you go back there [today], it's something that's lost."

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