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Make a Plaque to Fit Any Situation with In The News!

With an In The News plaque, you can make many different plaque designs to fit your company and your personality!

We here at In The News pride ourselves on not only providing a consistently high-quality product to all of our customers, but providing a product that is tailored to each customer. Our plaques have an astounding array of options to make them the ideal fit for virtually any home, office, or business imaginable while giving customers the chance to have a product that puts their personality on display to share with the world.

Our plaques come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and even base materials, which allows our customers to express not only their stories as told in the articles contained within the plaques, but to communicate their personalities through their choice of trim and edge colors, frame types, and materials. An In The News plaque is the perfect way to set the mood for your office or storefront.

Commemorate Achievements with a Good Banner

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When you have a plaque  of one of your news articles, you have a permanent reminder of your successful achievement or accomplishment. When you have an app icon sign, you have a physical representation of your business' online app. However, there is more to promoting your business than just having attractive plaques of your achievements (though they do help). Here at In the News, we are proud to offer a new product designed for your needs! Our banners are good for any occasion, in your storefront, at a local fair, or even at the big industry tradeshow, your custom In the News banner is designed to meet your specifications and needs.

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Wall Plaque Manufacturer- In The News Inc

wall plaque manufacturer,plaque manufacturer,plaques,laminated wall plaque

Have you, your company or your organization been featured recently in a newspaper or magazine?  Are you looking for a wall plaque manufacturer who can provide you with a permanent replica of the article in which you were featured?  Something you can hang on your home or office wall for your clients, colleagues and others to admire?

Then In The News Inc. can help.  Since 1987, In The News Inc. has provided specialty lamination and engraving services for companies and individuals, and is the largest manufacturer of newspaper and magazine plaques in the U.S.

The only company of its kind to manufacture in-house, In the News Inc.'s products are handcrafted by designers using the industry's latest state-of-the-art equipment.  As a wall plaque manufacturer, In the News Inc. does not outsource any of its workmanship.  Because all work is performed in-house, a fast turnaround of your specialty plaque is assured.

When preparing each news item, a professional designer will examine, then format the article to ensure maximum readability, cohesion and visual appeal.  For each plaque, a 3/4" thick, high grade, birch wood base wall plaque is utilized.  The plaque is individually hand stained with your choice of natural wood stains, including mahogany, whitewash, natural, ebony and walnut.

Each plaque is finished with beveled edges and includes an engraved plate, which is personalized and dated to commemorate the event.  The engraved plate features gold or silver lettering with a black overlay.  Company logos can also be engraved for an additional fee.  In the News Inc.'s wood plaques are 100 percent guaranteed. 

In the News, Inc.'s headquarters comprises 22,000 square feet and is based in Tampa, Florida.  The company has a national customer base of over 500,000 clients.


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