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Remembering Joe Utterback With a Psychedelic Plaque

Joe Utterback was a remarkable small business owner.

Joe Utterback was the owner of Penny Lane gifts, a specialty novelty and gift shop located in Springfield, Illinois.

Things to Use Your New Year's Featured Article Plaque For

Create your own trophy wall to celebrate all of your achievements now!

The New Year is just around the corner, a time for reflection on the accomplishments of the old year, and to rededicate oneself to doing even better in the coming year.

Turning Articles into Plaques: Jennifer Daugherty of the Remi Group

Preserve your articles in an attractive wood plaque today

Jennifer Daugherty is the head of Public Relations/Social Media for the Remi Group, a provider of comprehensive equipment maintenance management programs that are specialized for hospitals, healthcare providers, government agencies, colleges & universities, and other businesses. As the head of PR and Social Media, Jennifer is responsible for the brand image of the Remi Group. To this end, she manages the company blog, social media accounts, article marketing, and press releases, among other responsibilities.

Give the Perfect Business Gift with a Plaque

Give a business the gift that will keep on giving

The holiday season is here, and everyone has one thing on their minds: what to get others for the holiday season, whether their holiday of choice is Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other gift-giving occasion.

This Master Honors His Students With Plaques: Josh Ryer

Josh Ryer of Ryer Martial Arts Academy

Joshua (Josh) Ryer is the owner and operator of Ryer Martial Arts Academy and CrossFit Shadyside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A lifelong aficionado of the martial arts, Josh began training in Taekwondo at the young age of ten. Despite the relocation of his family from Pennsylvania to the state of Florida shortly after beginning training, Josh never became discouraged from pursuing his passion for the martial arts.

Acrylic Signs of His own Design: Mike Giusti

Create your own perfect business sign

Mike Giusti is currently the Head of Advertising and Marketing at Lithia Motors. While his profile lists him as working at the Fresno dealership, he is actually responsible for helping Lithia's advertising department to create and maintain multiple dealership websites for Lithia Auto Stores.

Get Your Boss a Gift That Keeps on Giving With a Plaque

Get your boss a gift that they'll remember

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us! It seems like everyone at the office is gearing up for Yuletide celebrations. The office halls have been decked with cheerful decorations, glittery fake snow encrusts the tops of every cubicle wall, and an abundance of red and green stockings have overtaken the typical office décor.

A Plaque to Track: John Cunningham

John Cunningham gets plaques for his home, his office, and his mother

John Cunningham is the President and CEO of Vehicle Tracking Solutions, a company that provides GPS-based services to businesses in the areas of Connecticut, Long Island, New York, and New Jersey. With the help of his wife and Chief Financial Officer, Karen Cunningham, John has grown his small startup business into an enterprise with over $10 million in revenue.

Can You Use Featured Articles To Promote Your Business?

Are you using online social media for your business articles?

It’s a question we’ve addressed before on our blog, but you might still be wondering about how to achieve the best results with the articles others have written about you. It’s a great thing that your business is getting noticed enough to be written about, but how can you make sure that others see what’s been written? That’s no easy task, so we’ve put together an eBook for you so that you can see what’s going on. We’ve got a small preview below:

Commemorate Achievements: Promotion Through Facebook

Facebook can prove to be a big boon to your business

Congratulations! You have made such a splash in your industry or community that you have garnered the attention of a news publication. Your hard work and dedication have paid off and now you have a shiny new plaque of your article to share with your friends, family, and coworkers/staff.

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