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Why Use Personalized Plaques For Your Articles?

Give customers something to look at!

Everyone likes to keep their office decorated in their own particular way, whether it's a plain office free of distractions or one filled with mementos that bring back pleasant memories and make it more like a home. From pictures of your family and golf trophies to a nice desk, it’s the little touches that make an office into your space. But, is your office missing something that could really improve how it looks and feels while also promoting your achievements?

Generating Jobs and Celebrating With a Plaque: Matt Tyler

Matt Tyler, CEO of Vickers Engineering

Matt Tyler is the president and CEO of Vickers Engineering, a precision machining and fabrication contract manufacturer. As mentioned in an article by the South Bend Tribune, Tyler partnered with an old high school friend named Scott Gourlay, and in 1999 "the two gradually began buying the company." Since Tyler bought out the company, it has grown from having $4 million per year in sales to, according to autonews.com, having a projected profit of $30 million for the 2013 fiscal year. Tyler expects his sales to continue to grow in the coming years, saying that they should "top $50 million in 2015."

A Sugar-Sweet Acrylic Plaque for Loranzo Whitfield

A day at the bakery

Loranzo Whitfield operates the Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe alongside his wife, Carolyn Whitfield. Although the couple’s business venture is still quite young, having only been opened in 2012, they have already managed to make quite a splash with the Hampton community with their promise of cupcakes baked fresh everyday and from scratch: no premade mixes, artificial flavors, preservatives, or coloring, just good old-fashioned fresh-baked cupcakes made from the finest natural ingredients.

Promote Your Business' Featured Article Through Pinterest

Social Media Sites

One of the key benefits of having a plaque made of your business' positive news article or press release is that it gives employees, customers, and potential clients the chance to see and engage with your positive press. While this can actually be a powerful motivator for generating business, you, as a business owner or high-powered sales representative, need to use every resource at your disposal to boost your company's revenue stream in order to stay profitable and competitive.

A Wooden Plaque for a Wood-Fired Barbecue: Joe Maluff

Maluff and Plaques

Joe Maluff is the co-owner of the Full Moon Bar-B-Que restaurant chain based in Birmingham, Alabama. Joe, along with his brother David, bought the franchise back in 1996. Since then, the two have expanded their business from a single location in Southside to nine locations situated around the Birmingham area, and yet more restaurants on the way.

Acrylic Signs are Fine Anytime

Be the leader of your business with an acrylic plaque

When you are walking down the street or through a packed mall, what is the first thing you notice about any of the businesses as you stroll on by? How is it that you can identify a business and what it is that they do?

Commemorate Achievements with a Good Banner

Banner 2


When you have a plaque  of one of your news articles, you have a permanent reminder of your successful achievement or accomplishment. When you have an app icon sign, you have a physical representation of your business' online app. However, there is more to promoting your business than just having attractive plaques of your achievements (though they do help). Here at In the News, we are proud to offer a new product designed for your needs! Our banners are good for any occasion, in your storefront, at a local fair, or even at the big industry tradeshow, your custom In the News banner is designed to meet your specifications and needs.

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A History of Excellence Captured in Plaques: Quentin Van Essen

Quentin Van Essen

Quentin Van Essen is the Executive Director of Admissions for Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. Van Essen earned his Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Dordt in 1970 and earned his Master's degree in School Counseling from St. Cloud State University in 1978.

Muirfield at Waverly Heights Plaque For Special Achievement

Americas best nursing homes

For the fifth consecutive year, Muirfield at Waverly Heights received an overall rating of five stars in U.S. News & World Report’s fifth annual Best Nursing Homes. When reporting on nursing homes, U.S. News aims help readers find a home with a strong track record of good care. U.S. News & World Reports provides readers information to improve their quality of life, focusing on issues such as health care, education, travel, vehicles, among other topics. The “Best” series, which Muirfield was proudly featured in, includes rankings of hospitals, colleges, high schools, mutual funds, nursing homes, and more.

Legal Eagle to "30 Under 30" Kristi Mock's Featured Article Plaque

Kristi Tanner Mock

Having been recently honored by the REALTOR Magazine as one of their "30 under 30" honorees, Kristi Tanner Mock is one real estate agent that has established herself as a woman to watch.

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