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Add a Professional Touch to Your Office with a Custom Engraving

The 12 X 15 engravings feature a beautiful marbled frame.

There’s more than one way to commemorate your personal and professional milestones! Here at In The News, we’re typically known for helping customer immortalize their accomplishments with a featured article plaque. However, we do more than simply mount articles.

Remembering Two Brave Firefighters with a Plaque

The names of two of Philadelphia's bravest will be forever engraved on this memorial plaque that was commissioned by the city of Philadelphia.

On April 9, 2012, Philadelphia Firefighters Daniel Sweeney and Lt. Robert Neary of Engine 7, Ladder 10 lost their lives while fighting an out of control blaze in a warehouse in Kensington. During the fire, a wall collapsed, killing the two men and injuring others.

Memorial Plaques Stolen from Kimball Park Stadium, then Recovered

The criminal or criminals involved in the theft are still unknown.

Just a couple of weeks ago, thieves took down three brass plaques from the veteran’s memorial at Kimball Park Stadium in National City, California. The sudden disappearance of the memorial plaques that have honored fallen American soldiers for over 60 years sparked outrage among the residents of the California community.

Why Should You Get a Custom Plaque Engraving?

Congratulations, you're a winner! Now, how are you going to show off your achievement to the world?

Your achievements are worth commemorating. Whether it’s an article you wrote, a feature in a newspaper or magazine that highlighted you, or your athletic or intellectual achievements (as well as those of your employees), all of these accomplishments are deserving of recognition. Each of your accomplishments should be displayed for all to see. Plaques are made for this very reason, and a custom plaque engraving is exactly what you need to commemorate your accomplishment.

Lincoln's "Plaque-gate" Controversy Hits Chicago

The first Republican president was a Democrat?

For the last 108 years, students at the Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago have passed by a specially dedicated building adorned with a plaque honoring the memory of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most celebrated leaders in U.S. history. This century-old engraved plaque reads:

Custom Recogniton Awards. Achievement and laminated plaques

recognition awards, company awards, laminated plaques, achievement plaques

A little recognition goes a long way towards employee retention.

Plaques, awards, trophies, and the like reward achievement, encourage performance, and recognize the good work of your employees.

How employee awards can improve performance and boost morale.

employee awards,award ideas, recognition award, company awards, office awards

Letting employees know of their importance to the company is important, as everyone like to feel appreciated, and it improves the moral of workers, not to mention their overall productivity.

Keep Your Day on the Spotlight Alive With Personalized Wall Plaques

personalized wall plaques, personalized plaques, newspaper plaques, magazine plaques

Getting any form of recognition whether employee awards, certificates, diplomas, newspaper articles or blog posts for a well done job is usually very fulfilling and motivating especially when the memory of the day it was received is kept alive.

How to order personalized custom wall plaques online.

personalized custom wall plaques, engraved plaques

Looking for a personal touch within a crowded market?  In The News Inc makes quality personalized custom wall plaques.  You can order your plaques online.  With our guarantee and fast service our website and business is something that customers appreciate. Our personalized wall plaques are just the thing to add credibility and recognition.

Achievement plaques acknowledge milestones worth remembering.

achievement plaque, recognition plaque

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”
Don Williams, Jr. (American Novelist and Poet, b.1968)

Making news and being in the headlines is a wonderful experience and something you want to preserve for a lifetime. At In The News Inc we make it our business to promote great press with achievement plaques.

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