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A Conversation with a Teenager | Parenting Tips on Self Esteem

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Have you ever had one of the conversations with your kid(s) where you're not really sure what happened and left you even more confused than when the conversation had started. This is one of those kind of conversations that I had witnessed not too long ago.

Corporate Gifts can be Risky

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The holiday season.  A season where we are reminded that it is better to give than to receive and that the gift shows how much thought and care  we put into choosing it for that "special" person.  Stressful at the best of times.  Even more stressful if you are an executive assistant buying for your boss.

This is tricky.  Really.  Think about it.  What are you going to give someone who has everything but still expects to get something?  You could give an article of clothing.  Very risky.  Fashion is a highly personal choice and buying the wrong tie or gloves, for example, isn't going to garner you any warm feelings.  And let's not even talk about sweaters, shall we? 

Jewelry.  Almost always a non-starter.  Unless the CEO wears cufflinks and you stumble upon a vintage set, stay away from buying your boss jewels.  Yes, even earrings. 

What about wine or spirits?  Assuming that alcohol is a gift appropriate for your boss, giving liquor as a gift is just not very imaginative.  In fact, you may be judged not on what you bought (it's liquor, for Pete's sake), but on how expensive that bottle of booze was.   Plus, it's called booze.  Enough said. 

Then there's the issue of how much to spend.  Another decision fraught with peril.  Spend too little?  Cheap.  Spend too much?  Extravagant.  Perhaps too extravagant.  And, if the gift-giving occurs at the holiday party, you're sure to be criticized for obviously trying to suck up to the boss.  Either way, others look at the amount you spent, not on what you bought . 

So what do you do?  How's this:  Have one or more articles (newspaper or magazine)  and/or positive press releases mounted and preserved into custom wall displays.  Or find all of the business cards you boss had as he worked his way up the ladder and have them laminated onto a birch wood base.  Either way, the result will be a beautiful custom wall plaque that any executive will gladly display with pride. 

And you can proudly give.  Because you have now given a gift that will not only be appreciated by that high-ranking executive but will have a positive impact on company morale as well.  A gift that will be fondly remembered for many years to come.  Even after you become the executive. 

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Thank your mentor, recognition awards to the one who made you

mentor, advisor

Mentor men·tor/ˈmenˌtôr/

Noun: An adviser.


Verb: To advise or train (someone)

That may be Webster's definition of a mentor but, we all know it's really much, much more than that. We've all had people in our life, that at one time or another made us believe in ourselves, that pushed or encouraged us to try things we really didn't think we could do.
We've had people that just loved us for who we were at a time when we really need to be sure of that.
  • They could have been a Teacher that really made us think or relative that believed in us when we weren't sure we believed in ourselves.
  • A counselor that have us direction when we had none.
Now that we've made some success in our lives, whatever we define that to be, shouldn't we turn back to the mentor and thank them for all their support.


We, of course, speak with them and let them know personally how much we appreciate their support. You could send them a letter or thank you note. Or you could so something wonderful with that article on you, your company, or organization that will always we hanging on there wall or remind them how much you value them.
I'll give all the details on how to make that article a treasured gift for someone to can never thank enough and I'll tell you about someone that helped me that I never got a chance to thank at all.

Best gift ideas, special keepsakes & momentos for the holiday season

coporate award plaque

In The News: The Best Gift Idea Making All The Headlines

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it! 

When someone has a personal or professional accomplishment  that is printed in the media, a celebration is in order.  People get their stories published or make the news for a multitude of reasons and acknowledging that milestone or accomplishment makes the occurrence even more special—you can also make it last forever.


Articles turned into custom plaques as a gift, What A Surprise!

gift plaque

Buying gifts for people is difficult, even for people we know well. For the next special gift giving occasion in your life, consider giving a custom wall plaque that features that special someone from In The News, Inc. We turn news articles, awards, brochures and special recognitions into beautiful custom plaques commemorating when people in our life receive special recognitions.

These decorative plaques are perfect for

  • Bosses day,
  • Holiday gifts, purchasing for in-laws
  • And overall people who are hard to buy gifts for.

They seem to have everything already and you don't want to buy yet another set of golf balls, a tacky tie or an impersonal gift card.

Plaques highlighting someone's accomplishments are not usually items people buy for themselves. They may feel embarrassed to show off their success in such a visible way even when the accolades are well deserved. However, when these same people receive a gift celebrating their celebrity, they feel honored and appreciated. Giving a plaque featuring someone's accomplishments shows the recipient that you pay attention to him or her. You read the news article, saw the photograph or paid attention to a memorable event in his or her life. Then, you took the time to save the information and have it placed on a decorative plaque. You have just given a gift that not only celebrates the recipient but also shows how much you care.

Think outside of the box, too, when considering a commemorative plaque for a loved one. Did a favorite aunt have a recipe featured in a home and garden magazine? Did a coworker's child get featured in the newspaper? How about your own son or daughter's first published photo or article? These beautiful, professional quality plaques will maintain a place of honor for the recipient who will always think of the gift giver when looking at the plaque.

Top 100, Top 500, Top 1,000? Recognition Gift Plaques and Awards

gift plaque,recognition gift plaque,recognition plaque,company plaque,corporate plaque,employee plaque

Congratulations! Your company made a corporate recognition list. Perhaps it’s the first time you’ve made the top one hundred. Maybe it’s a move up the numbers on the list. Either way, the company is going places and you want to give an award to the employees that got you there. But what kind of recognition gifts do you give as an award? Not the same gifts that you give every year.

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