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Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Plaques

Plaques about Breast Cancer Awareness

As you may or may not be aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about the causes of breast cancer, and how it can be treated or prevented. This special month is sponsored by numerous organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, and the National Medical Association, among others.

Acrylic Signs are Fine Anytime

Be the leader of your business with an acrylic plaque

When you are walking down the street or through a packed mall, what is the first thing you notice about any of the businesses as you stroll on by? How is it that you can identify a business and what it is that they do?

Muirfield at Waverly Heights Plaque For Special Achievement

Americas best nursing homes

For the fifth consecutive year, Muirfield at Waverly Heights received an overall rating of five stars in U.S. News & World Report’s fifth annual Best Nursing Homes. When reporting on nursing homes, U.S. News aims help readers find a home with a strong track record of good care. U.S. News & World Reports provides readers information to improve their quality of life, focusing on issues such as health care, education, travel, vehicles, among other topics. The “Best” series, which Muirfield was proudly featured in, includes rankings of hospitals, colleges, high schools, mutual funds, nursing homes, and more.

The Preventive Vet And His First Plaque

Doctor Jason Nicholas

When an individual finds a passion in anything, they must pursue it. Passion brings meaning and purpose to the lives of many people. When the spark of imagination and the depth of passion blend together, one person can make the world a little bit better. In the case of Dr. Jason Nicholas, he found his passion in animals, and used his passion to make the world a better and more informed place. Through his experience in general and emergency animal care, he has become all too familiar with the scene of a heartbroken family as their pet suffers from a condition that could have been avoided. He wanted to spread the knowledge of preventive veterinary medicine to families at home, before the accidents happened. He gathered together his knowledge and wrote “101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog,” which educates the pet owners with advice on a healthier environment for the pet. After the book was released, Oregonian featured him in an article, and In the News was more than happy to create a custom plaque for him to display proudly. His story and his plaque deserve to be remembered, and to help families and pet owners across the country.

Immortalize Any Achievement With a Wall Plaque

A blank award.

You have achieved many things in your life. Whether it’s a trophy, a certificate, an award, a newspaper article you wrote or a magazine that featured you, you have achieved something wonderful and worthy of recognition! But trophies can take up space and fall, and certificates and articles can rip, tear, or yellow over time. You need to preserve your recognition permanently with a wall plaque. But what makes a wall plaque so special? Do we carry a variety for specific awards? What is the process for ordering a plaque? You will be happy to know that with us, personalizing and obtaining your plaque is simple and stylish.

It's a girl ! Woman gives birth on I 275 newsapaper article framed.

newspaper framed article, article framing, newspaper article framing

Being that we are a company who mounts and preserves newspaper articles into custom frames we right a lot of stories about newspaper articles.  More importantly from time to time we write on this blog exactly how you or your business would go about taking the necessary steps to get media exposure and have an article written about you. 

Top Doctors and Top Hospitals magazine publication list plaques.

top doctor list, top hospital lists, top doctor magazine list,

The recent supreme court ruling and the subsequent implementation of the Affordable Care Act has made a lawyer and a health care provider and a doctor out of everyone.  Although we are certain we have an opinion or two on the issue as a business with a blog and a voice it's best left to the professionals to figure all of this stuff out.


LA Times article: Healthcare heart transplant first on west coast

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