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A Legacy of Custom Bikes Turned to Plaques: Paul Ponkow

Here's Paul Ponkow, with a few of his creations in his garage.

Paul Ponkow was born to build custom bikes, ones worthy of being featured in articles for top custom magazines around the world. Growing up in the 70’s, in a neighborhood where every kid had a Schwinn Stingray bike, Paul wanted his to stand out, so he asked his dad to mod his bicycle, turning it into a chopped bike. When others bought cars as teenagers, Paul bought a high-end bicycle instead. For Paul, two wheels were most definitely better than four.

Magazine frames | John Shope's Sinister Industries legendary success.

magazine frame, magazine frames, article framed plaque, article framing

John Shope's Sinister Industries creates custom motorcycles. The work John does is legendary.  Since 2006 we have had the privilege of producing over 80 custom framed article plaques of his work which has been featured in every major motorcycle magazine in the country.

S&S Cycle featured in Cycle Source Magazine

S&S Cycles,cyclesource magazine,custom magazine plaque

Today we're going to take a look at a company that practically paved the way for the after market performance industry for the American V-Twin motor. The company that I'm referring to is S&S Cycle, they work quietly in the hills of Viola, Wisconsin. S&S Cycle has been around for 50+ years and they're still going strong manufacturing after market parts for the American V-Twin Engine. They must be doing something right! S&S Cycle broke the land speed record in the mid-eighties of 276 mph.

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