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Important Plaques: The Vietnam War In Memory Plaque

Remembering those who lost their lives in the conflict

The Vietnam War remains one of the most controversial and infamous wars that the United States of America has ever been involved in. This war, which officially began in 1954 (Dwight D. Eisenhower pledged support to South Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem in 1955), saw more than half a million American military personnel become embroiled in the conflict over its nearly two-decade long lifespan.

Commemorative Plaques Make Great Gifts

Have you found the right gift to celebrate with your loved ones?

Oh, November, that time of the year when people all across America are preparing for the coming winter. The air begins to get a little cooler, and, depending on where you live, you might even have snow already. Children are gearing up for snowball fights and praying for snow days, while homeowners check their house's insulation and top off the antifreeze in the car. Before you know it, the whole neighborhood will be a winter wonderland.

How to Preserve and Frame Your Old Family Photos

describe the image

Family is the bond of a lifetime; literally. When a family works together, anything can happen and become accomplished. Ancestry is just as important; without your ancestors, you would not be sitting here reading this today. Just imagine: your family members have lived through so much in the last century, even before that. Everyone has a story to tell and within a single family there could be hundreds of stories waiting to be told. Family photographs are those stories. Sometimes, photographs can fade, or yellow, or become damaged. Do not let those pictures get ruined over time; turning them into a plaque now can mean appreciating the memory of your family for even more generations.

Preserve Those Special Occasions

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Plaques are a memorable way to preserve your special events for generations. Whether you have received an award or certificate, or if you have accomplished a remarkable feat, plaques are a great way to preserve the moment in permanence. Plaques are also a great way to preserve newspaper features, magazine clippings, and even pictures! Do you need a way to preserve your writing, feature, graduation pictures or wedding photographs? Plaques are your answer to anything you need preserved, and we have an array of options for you to choose the perfect plaque for your memories.

Unbreakable Picture Frames?

Unbreakable picture frame

Glass has done wonders for us for centuries, but the unfortunate part is that it breaks - sometimes very easily. As we all know, picture frames often hold precious memories. It's very sad and sometimes even eerie when the glass on a picture frame breaks - the broken glass somehow changes the way we remember that moment captured in the picture. Thankfully with acrylic signs, broken picture frames can be a thing of the past, and that moment can be preserved exactly as we remember it.

Framed Digital Photos, Newspaper Article Frames

framed newspaper front page, specialty framed photos, newspaper frame, framed newspaper display

Have you ever been to Disney?  Remember when you where a kid the first time you went what a awesome feeling it was to meet your favorite characters.

How to add a photo to a magazine display frame.

magazine display frame, frame magazine articles, framing magazine articles, framed magazine display

In 2009 Pikewood Natonal Golf Club was voted Best New Private Golf Course in the country by Golf Digest.  With winning this prestigious award came many opportunities to create a wonderful magazine display frame with all the great articles and press they received.

How to create framed article plaques from digital photos.

digital photo plaque,upload digital photo

What do you do with articles written about your company? Do you tape them to the wall? Slip them into a generic frame? What about important photographs that promote the company’s products or services? Are they still on a hard drive, unused? Do you print them and then slip them into an album left on the table in the waiting room? There’s a better way to display your company’s attributes and accolades. And that is to mount articles and digital photos onto a plaque.

What is a digital plaque? Screenshots turned into laminated plaques.

andy warhol, screenshots, laminated plaques, custom wall plaques

Andy Warhol once said that "in the future, every person will have 15 minutes of fame". In the age of You Tube, online news, and 24 hours news cycles, that prediction has come true in ways that he couldn't imagine.

In The News, Inc. offers a new way to immortalize your "15 mins" so that it lasts forever on the wall of your office or home. With digital plaques, you can actually take your viral video or your You Tube success and make it into a permanent wall display.

Taking a screenshot of the video, a digital plaque preserves that proud moment, frozen for wall prominence.

Preserve articles for keepsakes and family memories.

preserve articles, preserving newspaper articles, preserve magazine articles

How many times can we tell ourselves to preserve articles for keepsakes and then never get to doing it.

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