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Who is your Dream Foursome in Golf? Hole in One Plaque and more..

hole in one plaque, hole in one plaques, golf plaques

In light of recent published reports that Tiger Woods and President Obama got together to a round of golf I could not help myself with the thought of who I would want in my "Dream Foursome".

High School Sports Plaques and Framed Newspaper Articles.

high school sports plaque, framed newspaper article, newspaper frame

Are you a parent?  I was thinking of the Spider Man quote, "With great power, comes great responsibility. 

Hole in One Plaques with Scorecard, Special Ball Mount, Engraving

hole in one plaque, hole in one plaques, scoreacard and ball hole in one sign, hole in one awardThe white, pock-marked Titliest ball arcs through the air, the thwack of your 7 iron still resonating out past the teeing ground, over the finely manicured lawns, and toward the putting green. You place your hand to your brow to shield the sun as the white speck rockets forward, reaches the zenith of its travels.

It cuts through the calm morning sky, hits with the gentlest of thuds and careens toward the pin. For the briefest of moments, your cohorts behind you watch, silent, mouths agape. It can't be -- Not from this distance. The thwack from your golf swing still resonating through your body, you steady yourself. Watch with the rest of the gawkers.

The white speck slows its acceleration, decelerates, and drops perfectly for a hole in one. The golf Gods look down on you from above, your friends rush to pat you on the back, onlookers marvel at your accomplishment. You smile -- It's going to be a great day for golf.

Now, if we're describing you, this is something to be immensely proud of; according to US Hole in One, the odds of hitting a hole in one on a par 3 are... Wait for it... Wait for it. For an amateur golfer, the odds are approximately 12,500 to 1. It is an accomplishment like no other. Even when you take into account odds for a professional golfer -- which on that same par 3 course run around 2,500 to 1 -- it's one of the most impressive feats in all of golf.

So, how does one commemorate an experience such as this? You, as one of the select few out of 27 million golfers to have hit a hole in one this year: how does one memorialize this triumph for family and friends to see?

Memorialize Your Achievement for the World to See

In the News Online provides a unique and lasting way in which to imprint this momentous occasion. For their hole in one plaque, the customer will simply:
  • Provide background information on their accomplishment (your name, where you were featured, contact information, etc.)
  • In the News will use your published article, or one you send directly to them, in order to create the hole in one plaque; they will contact you directly in order to discuss size, colors, specific engravings, and price

The intricate process of creating your plaque begins with your article -- or any other item which commemorates a success such as a scorecard -- being mounted onto a 3/4 inch wood base. From there, it's hand-stained, beveled, and set to the preferences you so desire.

Newspaper display frame honors high school volleyball team.

Newspaper display frames, newspaper frame, dislaying newspaper articles

The recent success of Cyclones Volleyball team from Porter-Gaud High School lead to the team being featured in the South Carolina Post and Courier.

Hole in one plaque will make a perfect gift.

Hole In One Plaque, Hole In One Plaques

The holidays are right around the corner.  It's time to start making lists of those you have to buy for this year.  You begin to realize you have so much to do and little time to get it all done.

How to preserve articles when featured in publications.

sports plaque, laminated plaques, preserve articles

Let's take a stroll down memory lane.  In The News Inc. has been preserving articles and creating wall displays for a quarter century.  Sometimes we come across an event that is worth documenting. 

Order a Hole in One plaque to celebrate more than a great shot.

hole in one plaque, hole in one, order hole in one plaues

Golfers preserve the memory of best games with a Hole In One Plaque designed by In The News. What better way to remember your success than look at a plaque sitting on your fireplace mantle or on a desk in the den.

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame preserve articles for display .

15 minutes of fame plaque, custom wall plaque, newspaper plaque

Did you see the New York Mets fan who ran onto the field a while back.  Rafael Diaz said he could not help himself he was so caught up in the moment as Met's pitcher Johan Santana delivered the Mets first no hitter in team history. (check out the video)   

High school sports plaques recognize athletes of the year and more.

high school sports plaques, athlete of the year plaque, sports plaques

Sports plaques come in all shapes and sizes.  So do the athletes who participate and excel in high school sports.  Take Kayla Stricker Senior athlete from Oak Grove who stars in track,cross country,soccer, powerlifting her seemingly unconvincing 5'2 frame and low key personality would not lead you to beleive she is an elite athlete.

Hole-in-one plaques and displays. Mount your scorecard and ball.

Hole-in-one plaques, Hole-In-One displays,

The next time you play a round of golf ask your friends or playing partners how many of them have ever made a Hole-In-One.  I would guess not everyone is going to raise their hands.  But if someone does I bet they have done something special with their history making shot.  Studies show it is nearly impossible to guess how many Hole-In-Ones there are per year.

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