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Connecting in the Aviation Industry with Air Professionals

airplane,aviation industry,air professionals,aviation magazines

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get as you rise up from mother earth on a still morning. As the first, early rays of sunshine begin to touch your canopy you understand what those back on the ground never will—this is what aviation is all about—just you, your skill, your love and everything you have learned coming together in your own fantasy of flight.


Space Shuttle Preserving 30yrs of Memories

space shuttle memories,preserve american history,space shuttle program,30yrs space shuttle

Discovery, Atlantis, Endeavour 

When the space shuttle Atlantis touches down for the final time the event will mark not only the end of the current space program for NASA, but it also ends a thirty year era of U.S. space exploration.  As NASA begins to turn its full attention to deeper space exploration and transfer the bulk of low earth orbit missions to private industry, it is doubtful that we will ever see a space vehicle the scale and design of the space shuttle fly again in our lifetimes --  a reusable space “cargo truck” that blasted off into orbit via a ground based launching pad with the assistance of two massive solid fuel  rocket boosters and return to terra firma by actually flying the orbiter like a huge glider back to earth and landing on wheels like an airplane.  None of us alive today are likely to see that again. 

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