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Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in your community?


Why is Katie Perry's hair pink on the cover of October's Instyle magazine?

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Because October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. So,how are you making sure you bring this to the attention of your clients. Are you encouraging them to take advantage of the important screenings that are available to them or are you making it possible for them to donate for a cure?

Here's some examples of what other businesses are doing.

The Polished Spa & Boutique in Wayne, PA is offering Mani-CURES for donations made  to the cure on October 20th.

Salon 555 in Brewyn, PA is hosting a Hair-Cutting event on October 24th "A hair cut for you can mean strength for her".

Rose's Salon in Lakeland, FL is offering pink hair extensions for only $15 in the month of October all proceeds to go to the American Cancer Society.http://www.cancer.org


So what are you going to do?

1.You could host an event and offer to dye client's hair "Katie Perry Pink"? The proceeds could be donated to any one of the non-profit groups in your local area that support cancer research.


2. Could some of your staff join in one of the Race for the Cure events available all over the country this month? http://www.komen.org/race

3. How about doing makeovers for cancer patients under going treatment. http://www.acscan.org/

Whatever you choose make sure that your event is advertised in the paper, tv station and radio.

 We would really love to hear any stories that you may have regarding your business, a friend, or anyone you may know that may be doing great things to bring awareness and helping find a cure.


If you have had an article or feature in a newspaper or magazine, please contact me and I would be more than happy to help you preserve the wonderful things you have done to help bring awareness.  We can include are special "Pink" trim on any order you wish to promote awareness on.

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Gail Walton 800-548-3993 Ext:3036 gwalton@inthenewsonline.com


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