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A magazine display frame worth every penny.


magazine display frame, frame magazine, magazine article framingSometimes you do things for money and sometimes you do things to be rewarded.

Other times like the case of the Non Profit organization Spokes4Hope you do things because you care and want to make a difference and change someone else's life not wanting anything in return.

That is where we found this organization featured in Southlake Style Magazine.

We created a magazine display frame to honor this organization for their tireless efforts in getting children who are abused a "Ride on to a better life"

Spokes4Hope raises money through various events to give abused children bikes during the holiday season to lift their spirits.

What a great cause and we wanted to share their story if you feel like donating you can visit their website here.

Kevin Howell was our contact @ Spokes4Hope and we wanted to thank him for the opportunity to create a magazine display frame which can hopefully bring more awareness to this great cause.

It's stories like these that change the way you see the world.  Fortunately for us @ In The News it's our job to read magazine and newspaper publications and find outstanding companies and individuals who are doing the right thing and making a difference like Spokes.

We like to spotlight our customers and use our blog as a way of introducing you to many interesting people in large cities and small towns across the country.

We offer a way for those featured in a publication to make a lasting impression by preserving and displaying their success with a framed article plaque.

Recognize an “Average Joe” who helped save the day with a wall plaque that features their press. Celebrate a teacher that inspires their students, or honor a firefighter that saved a life with a touching display piece.

Show your appreciation to a person in your community who inspires you by presenting them with a wall plaque that commemorates their success. Ready to get started on your display?

You can learn more about In The News @ our website www.inthenewsonline.com

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