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Doesn't Your High School Sports Star Deserve A Plaque?


high school athleteAll-grown-up, once-high-school-sports-stars often revel in paying periodic visits to their high school alma mater, peering in the trophy case, and taking a gander at awards that after decades, still pay homage to the athletic contribution they made to their school. These former high school athletes often take great pride in leading their spouses and their children through the halls, bragging about how great they were, and how for example, they scored the winning point that made them state champions. Ever notice how practically all of these plaques from decades ago (and even some from recent years), are made from wood?

Your Star Athlete Deserves Acrylic

We think that the high school sports stars of today ought to be revered with a plaque made from a more contemporary material: acrylic. It only makes sense. There's really no better way to preserve your high school sports star's legacy than with an acrylic plaque. First of all, just in terms of design, acrylic represents the modern age - our society wants items that look, clean, simple, and aesthetically-versatile. Wood is a timeless material and because of this, future generations gaze into the trophy case, often unable to immediately tell the year/decade of the plaque they're looking at. An acrylic plaque though, ought to scream "2013."

Have Your Acrylic Plaque Made, Today

Your high school sports star deserves to be remembered in the best possible light, and the best way to do that, is by having an acrylic plaque made. We hope that we've made a compelling case for acrylic. After all, it would be a shame to see anything else in your trophy case, for this day and age.


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