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Promoting Your University With a Plaque: Davia Lassiter


This marketing professional knows the value of preserving positive pressDavia Lassiter is the marketing manager and communications professional for Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. The University categorizes itself as a College of Continuing and Professional Education, giving professionals of all ages the chance to pursue a higher education while maintaining a full-time work schedule.

KSU has a large list of values that they follow and use as developmental guidelines for their students, including:

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Accountability

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Innovation

Through the use of such standards, KSU encourages their students to be better people, people who help their organizations grow and develop. They help build creativity, responsibility, and work ethic while inspiring their students to constantly find ways to improve themselves and their work environment.

KSU offers online courses that offer a great deal of flexibility in addition to the more traditional classroom-based courses that people often think of when they picture a normal college campus setting. This Georgia-based university offers a wide range of classes covering many potential post-graduate careers, from the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL) to culinary arts degrees, and Healthcare certifications and even entry exam test preparation, KSU strives to ensure that their students will have the resources they need to succeed in life after higher education.

In fact, KSU's available courses have landed them onto the pages of publications such as the Marietta Daily Journal on more than one occasion. Recently, the school's first "Philanthropy of Business" class completed its first semester. This class, which was commissioned at the recommendation of a KSU trustee named Tom Hughes, gave students $1,000 to invest in charities of their choice. At the end of the semester, students were graded on the effectiveness of their investment.

The philanthropy class was designed to get students thinking about how charitable organizations are run, how much of every donation dollar in a non-profit actually goes to charity, and how much goes to overhead costs. Students taking this class learned not only the value of giving to others, but how to do so effectively, knowing that their money was being used for the purposes reported by the charity they contributed to.

The school also hosts a biannual career expo to make sure that "students could personally check out the 45-plus programs such as paralegal, human resources management and medical certifications" before committing to any one career path to pursue in their education. Part of this expo involved giving the students the ability to sit in on live classes to get a sneak peek at what pursuing a specific field of expertise might entail.

Davia Lassiter has been a part of the KSU staff for over a year now, handling PR work for the school. While she has many duties as a PR professional, such as cooperating with media outlets, creating press releases, monitoring the university's social media efforts, as well as coordinating interviews with faculty and students. However, this laundry list of responsibilities is hardly a complete picture of Davia's contributions to the school.

Before becoming KSU's marketing manager, Davia actually worked with the Marietta Daily Journal for more than half a decade following the acquisition of her M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Georgia in 2006. A dedicated, hard-working professional, Davia worked for numerous extra-curricular organizations while earning her degree, including the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the Golden Key, the McNair Scholars Program, and Safe Campuses Now, among a long list of others.

Davia has earned numerous distinctions during her professional career, including several from the Georgia Press Association and the Inaugural Barbara A. McKinzie Award for Media Excellence.

Davia's award-winning dedication and talent have served her well in her professional life leading up to her joining the KSU team. When she was hired by the Marietta Daily Journal, Davia earned the position of Copy Desk Chief for the publication after only five months with the paper, placing her in charge of seven other copy desk staff. Davia would work for the Marietta Daily Journal from May of 2007 to November of 2012, all while simultaneously working as a freelance writer and editor for different publications across the country.

As a part of finding ways to help promote KSU as a quality source of higher education for professionals, Davia has decided to help promote the university by immortalizing some of their recent news articles in custom-crafted wooden plaques.

These plaques, which now adorn the offices of the Kennesaw campus, serve as a constant reminder of the school's notoriety as a provider of professional preparatory education. New students can come into the campus' offices, see these plaques, and read all about the school's achievements and know that they university that they have chosen is a reputable organization that is committed to excellence and providing the education that will give students the tools to succeed in life after they graduate.

Years from now, the articles in these plaques will still be able to communicate to students the value and dedication of KSU because these plaques are designed to last for decades. The plaque creation process seals the article within the plaque itself, providing protection from the ravages of time. Unlike a simple picture frame, the plaque is proof against the infiltration of air, which prevents unsightly yellowing or cracking of the article and its images for the life of the plaque.

Teachers and faculty of the university will also be able to enjoy the plaques. Each plaque featuring a positive or important story about KSU will be a trophy that proves that their own hard work and dedication to the university will make an impact and be remembered by others. In other words, each and every last one of these plaques gives the KSU faculty the hope of creating a lasting legacy, something that others will remember them for.

It is with great pride that we here at In The News helped Davia commemorate her institution's accomplishments and contributions to the Georgia community. We hope that Davia and KSU both continue to be recognized for their efforts.

If you would like to contact Karen Saddow, a senior account executive who helped Davia with her plaque orders, please send an email to ksaddow@inthenewsonline.com, or contact us at 1-800-548-3993.



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