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In The News is sad to have to announce that Mini Truckin’ Magazine is no longer in publication. The popular publication, which began back in 1988, is no longer going to be in print.

The magazine has many fans who would wait for new issues with bated breath so that they could get the latest info about car shows, customer highlights, and mini-truck related news each and every month. Despite a strong and loyal following, the magazine has gone out of the print business. The creative covers and in-depth articles of this once-great magazine will no longer be made anew each month the way that they used to be.

The Mini Truckin' Memorial Plaque

To commemorate this magnificent magazine In The News has created 2 custom plaques available in three different styles. The first is a stunning mosaic of the final May 2014 cover, comprised of over 100 of your favorite covers from the last 26 years. The second is a mosaic piece of art made up of hand picked covers – from the first year to the last.

Click on the offer to the right to start building your Mini Truckin' Magazine memorial plaque now, before they're gone for good.

Save Your Favorite Issues Today!

Instead of letting your precious memories of Mini Truckin’ Magazine to fade away, you can commemorate your favorite articles with a plaque of the magazine today. We can create the perfect commemorative plaque to immortalize your memories of a magazine that many people just like you grew up with over the last few decades.

We can create a plaque of your favorite:

  • Covers
  • Articles
  • Multi-page features
  • Online Issues

If you have a favorite cover or feature from Mini Truckin’ Magazine, now is the time to save it in a plaque before it fades away forever. Even if you don’t have a copy of that specific issue on you, contact us now. In most cases, we’ll be able to obtain the issue you want to preserve and get it put into a plaque for you.

Don’t let your beloved memories of this great publication disappear forever, save your favorite moments from Mini Truckin’ with a plaque from In The News before it’s too late.


Mini Truckin

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