Glenn Brink

The Basics...

How's it going, I'm Glenn. I was raised in Glennview, Illinois and no that's not why I was named Glenn. I have attended college at Marquette University in Wisconsin and Loyola Unversity in Chicago. I held multiple jobs before finding myself here; most notably working as an import flower broker, selling foreign flowers to distributors in the states. Quite the job when it came to Valentines Day! I was hired by In The News, Inc. in 2014 and began mastering the ropes very quickly. 

Why do you love In The News, Inc.? 

"We have a very relaxed work environment which allows everyone to be themselves and act naturally while speaking to clients. We are genuine in our excitement for you during this special time and really want to help you keep these memories from fading. It's a great feeling when I know I have really made somebody and their loved ones happy by preserving this moment with an art piece so beautiful."

A little more about me...

I love to do a lot of travelling. The country and world is beautiful and I feel it is important to be familiar with places other than home. Accordingly, I'm fluent in both German and Thai. Also, I love to take golfing trips in the various cities and countries that I visit, as well as casually on the weekends.

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