Joe Manganiello

The Basics...

Hey, I'm Joe! I'm from Florida, spending most of my life in Brandon, although I did attend college out of state at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Prior to coming to In The News, Inc. in 2012 I worked as a loan officer. In less than two years working for In The News, Inc. I established relationships with clients such as Trillium Restaurant, Vickers Engineering, and Martin Monginello, President Clinton's personal chef while in office and now owner of the Inn of the Patriots B & B. 

Why do you love In The News, Inc.? 

"We help take a promotion of a business or individual that normally lasts a day or two before that specific paper is thrown away and make it last forever. Preserving an article can boost self esteem, customer loyalty, and sales, when hung up around an establishment, displayed for all to see. It's a constant advertisement that never stops working, which you only have to pay for once." 

A little more about me...

I enjoy working out, reading, hanging out on the beach, and rooting for my favorite NFL team the Buffalo Bills. 

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