Ken Harrison

The Basics...

Hey I'm Ken, some people call me Kenny. I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts but have spent more than half of my life in Florida after moving here in 1978. Before beginning my long career here at In The News, Inc. in 1992 I did other work in the sales industry and the field of electronics. That is part of the reason why my specialty here lies a lot in audio/video companies. Other topics I tend to focus on are car magazines like Maximum Drive, and specialty knives in Blade Magazine. Some of my most notable clients for whom I have made plaques for are the ATK Audiotek team, Stewart Lubricants, Nighthawk Customs, Bandit Lights, and Dr. Allen Bauman of Bauman Medical. 

Why do I love In The News, Inc.?

"We are special because everything is not only done in the United States, it is all done under one roof. From sales to customer service, everything happens in our one and only headquarters in Tampa, FL. It gives us much better control of the quality of work which is why we feel comfortable offering a 10 day trial period with no obligation to buy which leaves the customer with absolutely no pressure. I love getting calls from people after they get their plaque because they are so excited. Many people don't even know a service like ours exists."

Also, after being here for so long with a number of other employees I have been able to build great friendships with my coworkers. It is a blessing to come into a place every morning knowing that you will enjoy the work your doing while enjoying the people who surround you."

A little more about me...

I enjoy playing a lot of tennis and golf on my off days. Other than that I just relax and try to spend time with family and friends.


What Others Are Saying:

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