Todd Knowlson

The Basics...

I have been with In The News since 1990. In the span of 25 years I have witnessed our company grow impressively. I am proud to have been an integral part of that growth as both a top sales person and a sales manager. Knowing what success looks like and then being trusted to inspire and encourage others’ success is a responsibility I take to heart.  Our sales staff is one of the greatest in the country. I’m proud to lead them to making their career a keystone in their lives.

I took this job years ago because I believe in the service and the product that we offer. If you’re looking for a professional display of your accomplishment, you’ve come to the right place.     

Why do I love In The News, Inc.?

"We are really pretty special. We provide a service that most people are trying to do themselves anyways, now we're just doing all the legwork. Instead of going around to all the local art-marts trying to price out framing costs and things like that yourself, we create for you a custom professional plaque and send it straight to your door for viewing with absolutely no obligation to buy. If you dont like it we take it back and pay the shipping costs. 

I also love to see the success of others. Whether it's the success of individuals on my sales team or the clients we speak to on a daily basis, it makes me happy to see others doing well for themselves."

A little more about me...

I am a proud father  and grandfather. My beautiful wife and I enjoy practicing out faith and being a light to others. We take time off to volunteer both locally and globally which we enjoy immensely.  

Have a peek at a few sample, customized plaques:

Curious what our custom wall plaques look like? Would you like to see more preserved articles? Below are a few examples of some of the beautiful wall plaques that we have customized for actual clients who have been featured in an article or publication. Please click on a thumbnail to take a closer look!