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Get a Custom Plaque of Your Diesel Power Magazine Article Today!

Posted by Ryan Sumner on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 @ 11:07 AM

Diesel Power is the premier magazine for diesel motorsports enthusiasts all over America.Diesel Power Magazine
is the world’s largest magazine dedicated to fans of diesel motor sports in existence. This magazine, which began in 2005, was so popular that it quickly went from being a seasonal publication to becoming a monthly one.

In many cases, when a magazine moves from being published only once every three months to being sent out every month, content, quality, and the like tend to suffer. Not so with this powerhouse publication. Instead of each issue shrinking, the magazine prints hundreds of pages that deliver rich, meaty custom diesel content to thousands of readers every month.

Readers and diesel motorsports enthusiasts continuously submit their favorite diesel truck builds to Diesel Power, giving the publication an endless supply of stories and trucks to turn into featured articles. From relatively modest upgrades to fuel economy and horsepower, to complete rebuilds that strip out everything but the frame to turn a truck into an incredible monster machine, Diesel Power covers it all.

The Diesel Power Challenge

With such a large amount of great content in every issue, it’s little wonder why Diesel Power Magazine is such a hit among diesel motorsports enthusiasts all over America. Well, that and the Diesel Power Challenge, which takes ten trucks, nine nominated by readers and the previous year’s champion, and puts them to the test over a week-long contest designed to break all but the most rugged custom vehicles.

This venerable contest has been a part of Diesel Power Magazine for a full decade, and the next DPC marks the tenth event hosted by the publication. This year, nine challengers will have to try to top Wesley Beech’s ’08 Ford F-250, as he defends his title as the champion of DPC 2013.

The DPC competition is intense, and punishes trucks over the course of an entire week.In just two weeks, the contestants will gather to determine who’s custom diesel rig is the mightiest in the land, and fans will gather ‘round to see the spectacular successes, and even more spectacular failures, of the contestants in each round of the competition.

As a matter of fact, the chance of seeing a fully-kitted rig fail might be part of the allure of watching these events. After all, DPC doesn’t call their events “torture tests” for no reason. The organizers of the event even put together a list of the top 10 mistakes that they see year after year to try to prevent contestants from destroying their rigs (or having to forfeit) during the competition.

At the end of the contest, the winner gets to take home a trophy, a check, and the massive bragging rights to tell everyone back home that they’ve got the biggest, baddest truck on the block, with a trophy to prove it.

Commemorate Your Favorite Diesel Power Articles with a Plaque

If you’re a diesel motorsports enthusiast, you know what’s it’s like to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into your custom truck, only to tear it down and build it all over again, whether it’s a competition-bound monster or a simple, day-to-day workhorse. Whatever the purpose of your machine, getting a featured article in the pages of Diesel Power is a badge of honor in the diesel enthusiast community, a special recognition that brings your work to the attention of every other diesel truck fan out there. Before you tear down your truck to rebuild it again, why not commemorate the build with a plaque of your article in Diesel Power Magazine?

Rather than allowing your story to fade away, immortalize it with a custom wall plaque from In The News today! We can make a professionally-preserved display piece out of your magazine feature for you to share with your friends and family for years to come.

We work directly with the publishers of Diesel Power to get an original copy of your article (which ensures a perfect splice). We then transfer the articles into your choice of wooden or acrylic plaques and seal them inside, where your story will be protected from the effects of exposure to air and moisture.  We then integrate an engraving into your plaque that displays your name, the year/make/model of your featured truck, and the Diesel Power logo and issue date. By working closely with magazine publishers to obtain original copies of their features, we make the best plaques in the industry.

We can make plaques out of your favorite:

  • Covers
  • Feature Layouts
  • Online Issues
  • Awards
    and MORE!

Get a plaque of your favorite moments from this legendary magazine today. To begin your own plaque project, check out our Diesel Power Plaque page now, or contact Ryan Sumner at 1-800-548-3993 Ext. 2503 for a free quote.


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