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Get to Know In The News: Gail Walton

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Sun, May 04, 2014 @ 09:12 PM

Meet Gail Walton, one of our top account executives.Here at In The News, we’ve helped countless people celebrate their favorite news-making achievements. Whether they’ve made extraordinary contributions to their community, launched an unforgettable and creative promotion for their business, or won their big game, we’ve helped them share their stories by immortalizing them in custom plaques. This way, our customers can share their stories with others and let people get to know them.

However, we’ve been remiss with one thing: sharing the stories of our own employees with the world. To remedy this, In The News is launching a new section on our blog called “Get to Know In The News.” Here, we’ll introduce the people who make things happen so you can get to know us better.

Introducing Gail

To get things started, Let’s introduce Gail Walton, one of our Senior Account Executives.

Gail is one of our most dedicated and experienced employees, having been with us for 25 years now, and she works with clients in many different fields, such as beautician salons, educational institutions, interior decoration/design, and even offshore boat racing! Gail frequently ranks as one of our top salespeople, and has worked with numerous companies, including:

  • Huddle House.
  • Rita Hazan Salon.
  • MTI.
  • Eliminator Boats.
  • American Enterprise Bank.

Gail’s résumé speaks for itself, but we’ll say it anyway; she’s a great salesperson, and a delight to work with.  Her unquenchable enthusiasm for her work is something that keeps all of us at the In The News offices going. Every day, she comes to work with a can-do attitude and you just can’t help but be swept up in her positive energy.

Part of the reason that Gail has such an eclectic mix of clients and businesses in her past is that one of her favorite pastimes is finding new clients in new industries to help.

Gail loves all of her clients, and likes to say that she has “the very best clients in the world.” While there’s some debate about that among the office staff (they all think their clients are the best), she makes sure that all of her clients feel appreciated. When asked to pick a favorite, she has a hard time choosing because of how many great friendships she’s developed with her clients over the years.

To this day, we’re glad that Gail’s friend told her that she’d be so good at this job. However, her friend was mistaken, Gail isn’t merely good at her job, she’s great at it, and we’re lucky to have her.

At Home with the Waltons

Gail's grandchildren having a contest to see who has the bluest tongue.As great as Gail is at work, there’s much more to her than her work with us. Gail is a dedicated family woman, with three children and seven grandchildren to call her own. Gail’s family is her pride and joy, and she cherishes every year of her now 42-years of marriage to her loving husband, Lon Walton.

As a young girl, Gail’s role model was her mother, which is a large part of why Gail is so dedicated to supporting her family and making sure they know that they’re loved each and every day. As a young girl, Gail’s dream was to be a great mother and wife. As a grown woman, Gail then worked hard to make sure that her family was provided for, and so that she can spoil the grandkids every now and again.

A big baseball fan, Gail enjoys watching a game or two when she gets the chance, but prefers to keep active and healthy, going for walks to relax and keep her energy up. She does, however, make time for a bluest-tongue contest with her family during gatherings.

If Gail could pick a theme song for her life, it would probably be “You are My Sunshine,” which would fit her love of her family and her devotion to them perfectly. Gail hopes to travel around the country when she retires, which we hope won’t be for a while yet (sorry Lon, but we love having her with us).

A Strong Will to Help Others

If Gail wasn’t with us here at In The News, she says she would join the ministry full-time to help others spiritually and support her community. Gail’s faith in people and desire to accomplish something meaningful with her time is a huge part of why she’s such an active, wonderful person, and we’re sure that she’d be a great help to the community as a part of the ministry.

If you gave Gail $10 million dollars, do you know what she’d do? She would:

  • Pay off her family’s bills, and;
  • Donate the rest to charity.

It’s all a part of Gail’s desire to help others, while still being responsible towards her family’s needs.

Her Favorite Plaque

While Gail may have a tough time picking a favorite client, she has an easy time picking out a favorite plaque, the Crystaline Acrylic plaques for Nail Pro are easily her favorites.

If you would like to order a plaque from Gail, particularly a Crystaline Acrylic one, call her at 1-800-548-3993 Ext. 3036, or email her at

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