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A Custom Plaque for Custom Parts: Midwest Industries

Posted by Hal Ramsey on Sat, May 31, 2014 @ 04:37 PM

Guns have long been a part of America's cultural identity, even longer than our 50-star flag.In America, people love to have things their way. Getting something made to your specific order is such a basic part of the customer experience that fast food chains have used it as the basis for their corporate mottoes for decades. Car dealerships sell innumerable different “package deals” for their products, and there is a huge industry for aftermarket parts to be added after a car has been bought. Our own plaques are custom-made for each customer as well.

However, there’s another industry where customization is a major concern for consumers: firearms. Every year, gun manufacturers work to make their products more effective, convenient, reliable and safe in order to meet the needs of the American consumer, but the basic model of a firearm isn’t always enough for the consumer. That’s where companies such as Midwest Industries come in.

With a rather extensive list of custom parts and accessories on their website, Midwest Industries seeks to provide consumers with the top-quality modifications they need to make their firearms perfect. MI provides numerous custom attachments and parts for a variety of firearms, including:

  • Tactical grips.
  • Magazines (including clip holders and 100-round drum magazines).
  • Custom stocks.
  • Charging handles.
  • AR uppers & parts.
  • Optical sights.
  • Mounts for sights.
  • Cleaning supplies and replacement parts.
  • Carrying cases and tactical slings.

These custom parts give consumers the ability to improve the comfort and reliability of their firearms. As a mass-produced product, guns are made with a “one size fits all” mentality. Using custom grips, stocks, and sights allow consumers to make a firearm a better fit for them.

Educating Gun Owners

The best way to protect people from accidents with firearms is through education.While often controversial, there’s no arguing that guns have been an important factor in shaping the history of this country. However, it is equally true that guns can be very dangerous in untrained hands.

When it comes to guns, the best way to ensure safety is make sure that people know and respect the capabilities of their firearms, and how to take care of them. Many gun-related injuries happen accidentally as a result of mishandling or improper maintenance, both of which stem from an ignorance of firearm safety and maintenance.

MI offers a class on firearms, which features instructions for things such as:

  • Assembling a firearm.
  • Disassembling a firearm.
  • Installing add-on parts.
  • Things that can go wrong with a gun.

These classes, which run about four hours in length, help by giving attendees the basic information they need to properly maintain a firearm and disassemble it for when it’s not in use (guns require periodic cleaning and maintenance to prevent misfires and jamming). The latest set of classes were taught by Andy Yohnk, a former Law Enforcement Armorer Manager.

Commemorating Rave Reviews

As a manufacturer, MI is no stranger to earning recognition for their high-quality custom parts and service. With an A+ listing on the Better Business Bureau website, MI has proven the quality of their work time and time again.

Their products have been featured numerous times in publications such as the Military Times and To commemorate these special occasions, Troy Storch, the owner of Midwest Industries, commissioned wooden plaques of his favorite articles for their offices.

These ebony plaques embody a timelessness that perfectly matches a professional office setting, and are made to exacting standards. Each of these custom keepsakes add to the décor of the room even as they keep the articles they display safe.

When an article is put into a plaque, it is protected from the ravages of exposure to moisture and oxygen. Being so shielded, the article will not yellow, peel, fade or crack as a simple paper hanging would, keeping the article contained within looking beautiful and like new for decades to come.

If you would like to contact Hal Ramsey, the account executive who helped Mr. Storch with a dozen plaque orders, please call 1-800-548-3993 Ext. 3078, or email him at: Hal specializes in both motorcycle and gun publications. 

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