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Make your office decor POP! With Plaques!

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Mon, Jul 14, 2014 @ 01:30 PM

Whether your business is conservative or cutting edge we all need that special something when visitors come in to show them just who and what your business is about.  But what does that really mean?  We have been helping customers create just that kind of WOW factor for 27 years.  Below are top tips for getting that POP and WOW!

  • Tell ‘em who you are!

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A great way to brand your office space is a custom logo.  Track down an awesome graphic artist and have them help you create a logo or freshen up your old one.  Whether that new logo or your easily identifiable logo is displayed in a large or small way it should be front and center when your customers and business associates come through the door.

  • Show ‘em what you do!

Another great way to help entice your customer is to show them just what you are capable of.  Whether that is beauty shots of the widgets that your company sells, your custom chopper build that was a feature in an industry magazine or an awesome write up on the great community service project your business sponsored, these things all convey the message of who you are and exactly what you are all about.


  • Tie together all those pieces

  • Acrylic signs and plaque

    You have the logo, you have the great article, how do you put that together in a cohesive and eye pleasing way?  Consistency!  You may accomplish that with an acrylic look or a stained wood look. No matter whether the pieces are all the same size or vary in shape, by using the same medium it gives a sense of purpose to your display that has no limit. 

    • Get ready for the POP!

      Not every business lends itself to a lime green wall or a bright red entry way but a grouped and purposeful display can lend just as much POP and WOW as a flashy color.  With new trends in design it is easy that not just color but groupings and interesting unexpected pieces mixed in help to tell a story and convey an unwritten message.

      So now you show us, what are you doing in your office or lobby to help tell, show and teach everyone who comes in your door about you and your business?

      Red Wall Plaques

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