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Congratulations Janine - Sales Person of the Month for August

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Fri, Sep 05, 2014 @ 11:26 AM

What makes a great sales person?   Killer Instinct?  Someone who goes for the “hard sell”?  What about instead of all those negative adjectives we tell you about someone who is just sincerely interested in you and will make you smile every time you see her name on the caller id?

Janine Crouch In The NewsIf you are already one of her customers then you know that Janine Crouch is more than just an order taker or someone trying to sell you line, she is someone who just wants to see her customers happy! Which makes In The News excited to announce that Janine Crouch is our sales person of the month for August!

What makes Janine so successful at In The News is her sincere desire to not only make her customers happy but to connect with them on a personal level!  She will be happy to share with you the news of her Boston terrier puppies and tell you how she is headed out to the gym 3 days a week but is totally addicted to video games.  All while she asks you about how youare doing and tells you how excited she is for you that you have a feature article in todays paper or this months magazine!

Janine Crouch In The NewsWhile Janine has a background in hotel management and one point thought that was her dream job she realized the long hours, nights and weekends didn’t leave much time for her and her husband of 26 years or their four legged little ones!  So for the last 10 years Janine has been combing newspapers and magazines looking for stories that inspire, motivate and celebrate people and businesses in the community.  And that’s why Janine can’t choose just one favorite customer – she is so excited to help  the next person she talks to and tell them why they should be preserving their latest article!

Join me in congratulating Janine and when you see her name on your caller id or in your messages, think of her as just another friend calling to congratulate you on your latest achievement!

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