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Custom Framing Company Like Zappos Stands Behind Guarantee 100%

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Aug 12, 2011 @ 03:50 PM

What is a Guarantee?  

Is it save to say the past few years have been trying?  With the collapse of the financial institutions, the housing market crumpling, Wall Street we had to ask ourselves where are we headed and who can we trust.  

Our guarantee is rock solid we have built our business around it.  We call it our letter of guarantee and it goes out to all our customers in writing.   The only other company similar to ours in the United States is a company called Zappos.  Take a look at their business model and you understand why they are so successful and why we are too. 

 Two things:

  • One way is they offer free shipping which we do to all our customers if they are 100% satisfied with the product and pay with a credit.  
  • Secondly and this is what separates us they offer a money back guarantee, what we offer is no obligation no payment up front to look at our product and if not satisfied we will come and pick it up by sending a return shipping label.


Our beliefs and core values are what make us a great organization, standing by our reputation and our guarantee is what sets us apart.  Lets take a look at our record with the Better Business Bureau click here


magazine article plaque, plaque magazine article



Let me explain.  Zappos sells shoes and clothing, we make wall plaques of newspaper and magazine articles.  They are an online retailer and we are the largest Telemarketing/Manufacturing Company of plaques in the United States.  The reason we are #1 is our product and our guarantee.  It is sent to every customer and backed up with the highest quality plaque in the business. 

What does it say?  It says you are under no risk our product is free to look at Free


We want to know what you think we are confident you will love our product we want you to call us and tell us what you think.  If you love it tell us and we will invoice you and you can keep the plaque for your office or home.  You don’t think it works for you for whatever reason no questions asked we will send a return shipping label and pick up the plaque no cost to you. 

Our friendly in house customer service department will make it easy for you to pay for your wall plaque or send it back all you have to do is call

800-548-3993, 813-882-8886. 


We hear this all day, every day from our first time customers.  Are you guys serious?  Why would you send the finished product and not ask for payment.  The reason is because we know our product and developed the plaque business for over a quarter of a century.  Nothing says confidence more than a business that stands buy their guarantee.  And with no money up front we take all the responsibility putting the time and money into creating the piece and sending it on inspection. 

It seems too easy and maybe it is but it works for us and we want to show you how good it can work for you.  If you have an article and want it turned into a wall display or wall plaque visit In The News 


business magazine plaque,business plaque. business magazine article plaque


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