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The Alternative to Picture Framing; A Wall Plaque

Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, May 17, 2011 @ 04:24 PM

We are not a "Framing Company" we are a "Wall Plaque Company"

Try saying this at your next cocktail party you might get the same look I get everytime I have said those words over the last 10 years.  Huh?  What is a Wall Plaque?  The term is unique to a small section of companies who take newspaper and magazine articles and turn them into wall displays.alternative to framing,alternative to picture framing,plaque article, plaque articles 

If you want to have your article framed you will need the acutal article in good condition.  If there is a coffee stain or a small tear you will have to call and get another copy from the publisher, which can take months. 

Then when you finally receive it in the mail you still have to take it to a store and have the frame shop size it and come back a week or two later to pick it up.  In a nutshell that is the framing business. 

At In The News you don't have to have the article or order another copy yourself we will take care of that for you.  You do not have to drop off the article or come back and pick it up we will deliver it to you and you can order online or over the phone. 

We have the fastest turnaround time in the business.

In our business it's called a  "Wall Plaque."

The term is used to describe our product and to us and our customers nothing quite compares to the quality and workmanship.  What we do is take your photo or article and matte it in a special trim and then mount it to a 3/4 birchwood base that's beautifully handstained to match your decor.  The article is heat sealed, air tight which allows the preserving of the article. 

The outside edges are beveled and trimmed which gives it a picture frame effect.  The bottom of the plaque we place a gold plate with a black overlay and in custom engraved gold letters it will have your information which really sets the piece apart from any framing company. 

The alternative to picture framing; the preservation of your articles turned into a spectacular wall hanging that you have always wanted, all wrapped into a beautiful In The News Inc. WAll PLAQUE.

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 In The News, Inc. was established in 1987 and is now the largest custom lamination and engraving company in the country that specializes in newspaper & magazine articles. In our 25 years of operation, we have created over 1 million custom, hand-stained wall plaques for our national consumer base of over 500,000 clients.

In The News, Inc. boasts a sophisticated sales organization that includes a top-notch administration staff, friendly sales representatives, and a highly experienced production department. Utilizing the best of both the old and the new, we employ traditional paste-up artists to work along side state-of-the-art equipment. Our amazing team operates out of our 22,000 square foot office located in Tampa, Florida.





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