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Newspaper Article Mounting? Be sure it's Preserved Correctly!

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, May 20, 2011 @ 04:53 PM

Has anyone ever let you look at a newspaper clipping that they have cut out of a newspaper from years ago? Looks kind of gross, doesn't it? Old, yellow, wrinkly, kind of dingy from being tucked away in a box or a folder.

If they'vnewspaper article mounting, articles mounted,newspaper plaque,laminating newspaperse ever handed it to you, you've felt how frail the paper is.  The paper feels like it will disentigrate or tear in your hands with the slightest movement.  I personally find myself holding the paper with the caution of Indiana Jones as he's about to replace the treasure with the bag of sand.  It usually doesn't end the same way however, boulders just aren't my thing.

Ever wonder Why Newspapers turn yellow?  Me too!

It turns out that the process they use to make the paper for newspapers is essentially just a tree grounded up into pulp and then formed.  Some of the fibers and chemicals that allow trees to grow so tall (mainly the Lignin) will turn yellow when it is exposed to oxygen and sunlight!  The whiter the paper the more resistant and less likely it is to turn yellow, which would explain why paper we usually use doesn't turn yellow.

If you want to make sure that your memories and acheivements are not going to end up shoved in a box left to deteriorate, turn yellow and wrinkle.  Be sure that they are preserved like the treasures they are!  Contact us at In The News to learn more about our process and how we keep articles from aging!

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