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Your Custom Tattoo Transformed Into A Custom Wall Plaque

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jun 02, 2011 @ 04:14 PM

If you have not been paying attention the last couple of decades I will let you in on a little secret:

The tattoo industry is big business.custom tattoo plaque,custom plaque,art plaque,wall plaque

That being said, what is it that attracts us to it? Is it the pain, the absolute that it will be there forever, the detail or the shading , or the time and thought that goes into a custom piece.  Is there something spirtual about the whole process?  These are questions along with many more that really cannot be answered. 

What we can understand is that the tattoo industry and business is here to stay.  Nationally and Worldwide tattoo conventions are adundant and there is no shortage of potential customers.  If it's your first like mine (I got it on my neck and it hurt like crazy but I love it) or your 100th, there is something that people love about tattoos.  

Check out the great article on the History of Tattoos from Design Boom

History shows us examples from Africa to New Zealand, from the Ireland to England and North America all walks of life from as early as time have been recording demonstrations of artwork in every possible culture imaginable.

Here is a beautiful example of some intricate artwork on the back of my wife and best friend, Heather.  The work was done by Thomas Hooper of NY Adorned on April 19, 2008.  It took over 4 hours and was done in one sitting- pretty amazing!  We were on vacation and made an appointment in advance because he is so well regarded in the industry and you can see why....

Thanks Thomas!

So you can see what goes into creating each piece is truly an event. 

We like to think of our plaques the same way. Each plaque is custom made.  A custom wall plaque is a great way to show off your artwork.  You can take your best work from your portfolio and get rid of any of that tattoo flash and create a fantastic wall piece to display over your table or at the front entrance to your shop. 

Over 60% of our staff has at least 1 tattoo!

And one more thing- why not take a digital photo of your own work and send it to us to have on your wall at home! Check out some examples of our tattoo plaques and see for yourself.

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