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Posted by justin Cox on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 @ 10:05 AM

Having your article, or anything else for that matter, mounted instead of framed is something that we've touched on here and there, but now I think we should cover all of the bases of the Pros and Cons between having your article framed or mounted on a wall plaque.

professional plaque,alternative to framing

  • Appearence


While some frames look nice there is a sense of elegance that comes with looking at a plaque.  It shows how proud you really are of your article or item that you are getting mounted.  It may not be an exact match with your design preference but with all of our color options we can almost guarantee a match.  Best of all we will do all the work for you!  The excitement of opening a box shipped directly to you of your article mounted and preserved is ice cream to cake. 


You can choose frames that compliment your decor directly which may be nice for some people if you have the time to go to several different stores to find the "Perfect Frame".  If there is such a thing don't you usually just settle? Then you have to get the right color matte to set the piece on and finally you have to make sure it all fits and looks exactly the way you want it too! Talk about a lot of work.  Not to mention travel and gas.  Don't get me wrong there is something special about choosing a frame and we are not trying to take away from that experience. 

  • Customization


We allow you to customize the plaque all the way down to the colors, matte, and engraved plate.  The plate sets the piece off and truly customizes the work.  It's much easier to tell use what you want, and then be done with it!


With a frame you are able to take out and replace whatever picture or article you may have in there currently which may be nice for some things but there are certain articles that need to be preserved and protected.

  • Durability

    professional plaque,alternative to framing

It doesn't take much to see the difference between the two options. Putting such an acheivement behind glass and flimsy wood is not only fragile, but also dangerous if you ever have the need to move it to another office or spot around the house. The glass could scratch or even worse break and shatter.

With our Wall Plaques there is no glass involved and they are very durable!  No glass makes moving the plaque very easy and less you have to worry about during trade shows or any other kind of event the plaque may accompany you on!

  • Preservation


Here at In The News keeping your article safe in pristine condition, and making sure it looks beautiful is our number 1 goal.  The article is heat sealed to the wood in a non-glare laminate.  Hand stained wood and beveling the edges make the work stand out.  


Behind glass there isn't a whole lot keeping air, glare, or anything else for that matter for getting in and messing up whatever memory is stored behind the glass.

  • Worry Free

Getting your memories preserved with us is very worry free, you let us know what you were featured in, anything thing at all, we'll find the article, let you know the price, you pick the colors of stain and trim to use, and we put it all together and ship it to you!

You might be asking yourself, what if I don't like it? No problem! In The News sends the plaque out to you on a 10 day inspection basis, you get to look at the plaque in person to see our quality of work. If for some reason you don't like it, we will send a Return Shipping Label at no cost to you!

So all in all the sky is the limit, we are finding new and exciting things that we can do each and every day. Let us know what you want and we'll try our best to match your vision!

Here's a sneak peek at a little in house piece that we just finished. (see photos) 


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