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5 Best Reasons for Preserving Newspaper Articles into Wall Plaques

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Jun 17, 2011 @ 01:25 PM

Preserving Newspaper Articles

Being new to the blogger world we at In The News Inc have gone off the track in terms of recognizing our core values and why we are so successful at what we do.  So we are going to try and real ourselves back in and get to the meat and potatoes of our company.preserving newspaper articles into wall plaques,newspaper wall plaques,newspaper plaques 

Preserving Newspaper Articles is why we still claim to be the largest manufacturer of wall plaques in the United States.  So why not explain to you how our process is better than the rest.  We have a lamination process that heat seals the articles and traps the air which is what actually turns the papers yellow. see article on papers turning yellow

Here are the 5 Best Reasons to Preserve Newspaper Articles:

  1. Longevitiy- Articles tend to disintegrate over time especially newspapers.  We laminate the paper and seal it to a wood base.  Once the seal is in place it will preserve the paper for decades.
  2. Keepsakes- Newspaper articles are fun to look at and albums are a great way to reminisce but a wall plaque of your newspaper article is a time capsule of fun. You will always look at it and remember and be proud of what you have done.
  3. Permanent Display- Immortalize your accomplishments, proudly display your achievements
  4. Gifts- Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, you name a time of year and a featured newspaper article given as a gift is a tremendous way to say thank you.  We have a saying around here a gifted plaque does not come back.  Everyone loves to receive a plaque as a gift so they don't seem too envious of themselves. 
  5. Recognition- When you receive an honor or an award and that feat is featured in a newspaper there is no better way to honor your hard work then permanantely preserving this distinction.
Having something in print said about you, your family, or business is exciting.  I can remember being part of a sports organization that for a time had received a lot of recognition in the local paper.  The Times Leader in Wilkes Barre Pa and each week I would be so excited to see if my name was in the paper.  I know how exciting it can be to see your name in "Lights". 

So here at In The News Inc we see this excitement like mine times 1,000.  Looking at all the major and local newspapers around the country gives us a feeling of joy to see all the local communities enjoy there success.  If we can help in capturing that moment let us know we sure would like to here from you.

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Check out some of our samples if you have any questions gives us a call 800-548-3993.







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