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DO's and DONT's of having feature articles published

Posted by Gail Walton on Tue, Jun 28, 2011 @ 01:12 PM

Now, after all your hard work, your feature articles published in a newspaper or magazine. How wonderful it is to see your name or company in print. Mom called dozens of relatives, including some you didn’t even know you had.  But, now what?

 1. What should I do with the article?

 2. Should I just buy up copies and make sure they're in places in my office or home?

 3. Maybe, I should just send a clipping to all my friends and clients?

 4. How can I get more articles in other magazines and papers?

What should you do with the article?

P.T. Barnum once said “Any publicity is good publicity just so long as they spell my name right”. The value of unpaid publicity is more than any ad you’ll ever pay for. So take the article and do something professional and permanent with it. If you try just hanging on to copies their bound to get dog-eared, yellowed or just disappear. Doing a professional application of the article to hang on the wall means you’ll always have it and know where it is.

DON’T do fancy framing and matting.

 Why because what you want is for the article to be center stage. Fancy framing, matting and glass will make the focus on everything that’s going on around the article and distract from the article itself. If you do a professional application with No glass you have the option to take the piece off the wall and take it along with you to shows, speeches and presentations. Note:(you will need a tripod for this they are easily available in artist supply stores). alternative to framing,feature articles published,published articles

DO make sure you include the publication logo .

Why? This increases the credibility of the piece. Most people won’t stand there and read the entire article but, they will notice the publication logo and this is what we’ll impress them. 292 resized 600

DO Post the article on your website or Facebook page.

Check the publication’s website and see if you can get a direct link to the article, this is the easiest way to get the article on your website. If the publication is unwilling or unable to give you a link, you can do the old copy & paste and post it on your site remember, it’s your article and you have the right of first copy. Last, if you can’t do anything else copy and paste the cover  of the publication, post it on your site and caption it will just a little something about you article beneath the cover. Such as: ABC Company was pleased to be featured in the January edition of SO and SO magazine. Even if people didn’t buy the publication they’ve all seen the cover on the stands and this will resonate with them.


Stay tuned for “How do I get in more publications”? Soon to appear.




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