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How to create framed article plaques from digital photos.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 11:07 AM

What do you do with articles written about your company? Do you tape them to the wall? Slip them into a generic frame? What about important photographs that promote the company’s products or services? Are they still on a hard drive, unused? Do you print them and then slip them into an album left on the table in the waiting room? There’s a better way to display your company’s attributes and accolades. And that is to mount articles and digital photos onto a photo plaque,upload digital photo

There may have been a time when it was all right to mount articles and digital photos in plastic frames purchased at the nearby office supply store. But what kind of image does that present to current and potential customers? It’s not the image that anyone wants to present to the world.

But if you mount articles and digital photos onto plaques you not only preserve these important moments in a company’s progress and history but you increase the feel of professionalism.

In a choice between having your articles or digital photos framed or mounted on a plaque, having them mounted on a plaque is the logical choice. While framing has always been the standard, mounting on a plaques has its decided advantages.

A side by side comparison reveals that the cost to mount articles or digital photo onto a plaque is less costly than having them framed.

When it comes to safety, mounting articles or digital photos on a plaque is the safer choice. Plaques do not have a glass that can break. If a framed picture were to be knocked of the wall the glass can shatter, leaving a hazardous mess. Broken glass can cut not only a person but it can damage the article or digital photo it was supposed to protect. A plaque doesn’t require glass, so a fall will not result in a dangerous situation.

It’s also easier to keep a plaque clean than a framed article or digital photo. The glass of a framed item needs glass cleaner. A plaque requires the same simple wipe that is used to keep a counter top clean.

Plaques come in a variety of colors. The color can be used to complement the room décor or a primary color in the article or digital photo. The plaque color can also be used to create a sense of cohesion amongst the different articles and digital photos that are hung on the walls.

So if you are considering how to best display articles that promote your company. Or if you are looking for the cost effective way to present digital photos of your company’s products or services, mounting them on a plaque will provide the safest and less expensive route.



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