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Great news that never gets old! Old newspaper articles last a lifetime

Posted by justin Cox on Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 04:48 PM

Do you have old newspaper articles lying around if so that's great news.

Guest Blogger: Account rep @ In The News Inc.

This week we are hearing from our very own Heather Brady!

"It is definitely a breath of fresh air reading about all of the amazing accomplishments people make every day with the current headlines on most newspapers being massively depressing."

Let's here Heather's point of view on every day life here at In The News!

"I work for In The News, where the news never gets old. I am a sales woman by blood, yet to look at this job as a job is a challenge. The day I began looking at my position as an opportunity I became rooted. I get to fonewspaper clippings,old newspaper clippings,clippings of newspaperscus on the good news, and in the midst of our nations troubles there is hope. I speak to people across the nation and in Canada, from all walks of life. Whether it is the Nations Top Contractors or Florida’s Top Lawyers or the man who caught the biggest fish, each person has a story. I spend hours each day reading great stories of people making it.

There are wonderful people in this economy making millions off of cookies and cupcakes. I see that anything is possible. Remarkable artists, designers, incredible teachers, and scientists developing medicine that will save lives, heroes and children saving other children, and great churches and volunteers, policemen and firefighters and politicians doing great things for humanity are all examples of the individuals that I have had the privilege to speak with. I have this opportunity that many call a job and it is truly an experience. I do not have customers; I have stories that make me grow. If I am ever at your service, and you buy nothing, I have still been paid by this experience.

I believe my company is the best in the industry at what we do and have been achieving greatness for years. I work with seasoned agents that sharpen my intellect. In a state where unemployment is at 11% which happens to be one of the worst in the nation, I am able to make a decent living. I see provision for many families here each week. I am able to offer a product at a reasonable price with exceptional quality that I myself would want. I believe in our service. At the end of the day, these remarkable people will have their experience preserved for generations to come. I love what I do. I work for In The News, where the news never gets old, and the good news works for you!"

Well that's it thanks to Heather again for giving us an inside look @ our company and being this weeks guest blogger. 

See some great examples of how we can preserve those old and new articles

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